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Immune Cells Used To Help Muscle Tissue Heal In Lab - Latest News

Immune cells help older muscles heal like new

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have found a critical component for growing self-healing muscle tissues from adult muscle—the immune ... removing the cells, and "planting" them into a lab-made ... read more

Common Physiological Causes of Depression in Chronic Illness and How to Remedy Them

It used ... lab tests and bioenergetic devices, it can help to confirm a diagnosis. For more information on muscle testing, see Dr. Cowden’s and my book, BioEnergetic Tools for Wellness. Here, we also ... read more

Stem Cells Heal Scar Damage After Heart Attack

The researchers extracted some of the naturally healing stem cells from the heart and nurtured them in a lab dish ... existing heart muscle generate new tissue. If that’s the case, then researchers ca... read more

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Research shows key function of specialized cells in peripheral nerve repair

New research led by the University of Plymouth has shed light on the science behind peripheral nerve repair, by highlighting the novel function of a cell called a macrophage. Macrophages are part of o... read more

This Chip Uses Electricity to Reprogram Cells for Healing

It sounds like science fiction: with a light zap of electricity, a tiny stamp-like device transforms your skin cells into reservoirs of blood vessels or brain cells, ready to heal ... tissue. “We base... read more

Stanford’s lab for cell, gene medicine opens in Palo Alto

In a former life it was the Stanford Genome Technology Center; now it’s found a new purpose as Stanford’s Laboratory ... stem cells and other specialized tissues such as heart muscle cells, that are d... read more

3D Printing Technology and Engineering Used to Regenerate Heart Muscle Tissue

In the past, the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) has used 3D printing technology to help ... cells.” Once the 3D printed patch starts to get absorbed by the heart, these cells then grow into dense ... read more

Tiny Tunnels Previously Unknown to Scientists Found Between the Skull and Brain

Neutrophils (shown in blue) are immune cells that help to heal the brain. Image: Aronowski lab, University of Texas Health Science ... cells are produced within our bone marrow, a spongy tissue locate... read more

What's cookin' in college labs: Wisconsin universities push tech limits

The flavor-analysis methods could also help ... and tissues from slaughtered parts of livestock and poultry that can be used for animal and human health, like antibiotics and burn and diabetic wound h... read more

This matrix delivers healing stem cells to injured elderly muscles

A car accident leaves an aging patient with severe muscle injuries that won't heal. Treatment with muscle stem cells from a donor might restore damaged tissue ... is going to attract immune cells. Typ... read more

Stem cell therapy: When will it help the heart?

This process eliminates the risk of immune rejection but can carry the risk of sparking a tumor. Investigators are now exploring a wider range of stem cell sources. * Differentiation: The methods used ... read more

Scientists Turn Human Skin Cells Into Healthy Heart Cells

beating heart muscle cells in the lab. Though human testing is likely a decade off, the hope is that such cells can be used to help people with heart failure repair their damaged hearts with their own ... read more

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