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If Your Tongue Could Talk This Is What It Might Say About Your Health - Latest News

What You're Great At Doing, By Zodiac Sign

Your loved ones can tell you that you're truly a natural at one or more factors, it may still stir insecurity ... and no one can talk to people the way you do. You are known to get out of problems wit... read more

Fact: All Couples Argue. Here's How to Win Every Fight With Your S.O. (You're Welcome)

Something is eating you up inside and you’re dying for your partner to address it, but instead you bite your tongue and say nothing ... While you might think that sweeping any issues under the rug wil... read more

10 signs your teeth aren't as healthy as you think they are

Bad breath can also be caused by sinus issues or even stomach problems, so it's worth a trip to the dentist if you notice your bad breath isn't going away. Your tongue ... week could be a sign of a se... read more

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If Your Partner Is Hiding A Past Trauma, Here's How You'll Know

Specifically, because we are capable of witnessing our love for someone grow more than we ever thought it could as ... to support your partner and encourage them to talk to a professional. Emphasize t... read more

If Honey Could Talk, Here’s What It Would Tell You

In her lifetime, our bee may visit ... honey for your consumption while still leaving the bees all they need to eat. Today, the average American consumes nearly a pound and a half of me every year, in ... read more

What Your Poop Is Trying to Tell You

Yes even your girlfriend poops, even if you've never actually seen her do it. Stool is the body's semi-solid waste product and is comprised of everything that the body could not absorb or otherwise ha... read more

Understand Your Apple Watch's Heart Rate Numbers

There are conditions that could result in unusual results for the heart rate numbers we discuss. If you’re concerned that something is genuinely wrong with you, stop googling heart rate stats and talk ... read more

4 Reasons Your Vagina Is Irritated, and What to Do About It

In terms of treatment, Dr. Shirazian says your doctor may recommend ... bacterial infection, talk to your doctor, who will determine the best course of treatment. The skin around your genitals is very ... read more

It is absolutely time to panic about climate change

If you want to secure the world for your child, we can do that ... Political change is much slower than you and I might like, but I have to say on climate, it’s moving much faster than cynical me woul... read more

Blueberries Won’t Save Your Life

Blueberries may ... could eat more apples, durians, rambutans, starfruit or pears. You could go to town on some lychees, or try some dragonfruit instead. If you’re worried about your heart ... read more

We Built This: Kid Fury's Brutal Honesty Is What Will Actually Make America Great

But don’t get it twisted because he ain’t one of your lil’ friends. In true Sagittarian fashion, he’s brutally honest, and though his punchlines feed you like comfort food, he’s not biting his tongue ... read more

These 7 Things at Your Office Are Especially Germy

You may have noticed ... door that you could nudge open with your shoulder rather than using your hand? If you really have no alternative but to touch a doorknob, it obviously doesn’t mean anything di... read more

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