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If You Dont Believe Single Payer Can Work See How They Do It In Taiwan - Latest News

Reframing Single-Payer Healthcare

They don’t ... we do. Single-payer, government-sponsored plans not only promise universal access, but also basic and essential benefits for every American. Some ways of approaching this can ... read more

Single-Payer: The Gateway to Socialist Paradise

When you have only one buyer (i.e., "single-payer"), everyone in the chain is forced to become that buyer's provider, to work for him and do his bidding. It can be no other way ... of better opportuni... read more

How bold should Democrats be on health care? Here’s one answer.

And those who prefer something approaching a single-payer system see ... “What do we do with folks that currently have negotiated a union contract and feel they have good insurance and don’t want to m... read more

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Shift Health System's Focus From Profit to Prevention

Was it to make the most money you can or was it to take care of people? I believe the ... advocates of a single-payer system, is getting louder. As with all issues of this magnitude, it is not just a ... read more

How Socialists Can Fight for Single Payer

We live in an atomized, alienating society where most of us don’t know our neighbors’ names, and don’t see ... they could personally gain from single payer. We work to show how our direct self-interes... read more

The single-payer alternative

What do you think is going on ... The practicality of the single-payer proposal can't be refuted. The idea is gaining momentum. If we mobilize, it will become unstoppable. If we're creative and if we ... read more

The Single-Payer Solution

Not many countries can do both in one step. Let's turn to Vermont. How did you come to be involved with the effort there to think beyond ACA? A group of people who had heard about my work in Taiwan .. ... read more

Q&A with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and KCCI's Steve Karlin

Can lightning ... who don't have a lot of energy. That's just the fact. Or there are people who are 90 who are putting in productive work. I would ask people to look at the totality of the candidate, ... read more

How to Choose the Most Electable Democrat in 2020

However, just because electability is not like pornography—you can’t always know it when you see ... don’t let them get away with blithely asserting they have the right profile to win. Show us. Are yo... read more

If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

But it seems to me that if every single ... and they weren’t too worried about it. (Can you imagine?) Take two things from this on your quest to become a better person: 1) Your child will probably do ... read more

‘It can’t be either/or:’ What Gavin Newsom said at his 2019 state of the state speech

But we can build on the important work that’s already been done. That’s why I do support a single ... don’t. Two weeks ago, the state of California sued the city of Huntington Beach for failing to mee... read more

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