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If You Dont Believe Single Payer Can Work See How They Do It In Taiwan - Latest News

If You Don't Believe Single Payer Can Work, See How They Do It In Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan ― Yun Yen is one of Taiwan’s leading oncologists and, until last year, was president of its most prestigious private medical school. But Yen knows plenty about American health care, too ... read more

“We Need a New Economy That Works for the Many”

We need to create a single-payer ... you have no money, it’s prohibitive. If you can’t afford childcare, and you don’t have a family support system, what options do you have? A lot of people say, “Go ... read more

Q&A with Congressional candidate Mike Levin

we always tell our kids don’t bully. Treat everyone with respect. Tell the truth and now my 6-year-old has homework, if you can believe it, a first grader gets homework. We tell him to be prepared. Do ... read more

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Need answers on progressive plans for health care? This lawmaker's a good place to start.

I believe that we're going to have a lot of support and that will give us some money that we can use ... saying they could be covered under a single-payer plan. The single-payer bills in the House and ... read more

If You Send Your Kid to Private School, You Are a Bad Person

But it seems to me that if every single ... and they weren’t too worried about it. (Can you imagine?) Take two things from this on your quest to become a better person: 1) Your child will probably do ... read more

How ‘Medicare for All’ became a rallying cry in California’s most conservative districts

“I think as soon as we get there, we protect the Affordable Care Act, you know, put the individual mandate back in, don’t ... see the ex-president told ThinkProgress they favor the proposed ... read more

The Single-Payer Solution

Not many countries can do both in one step. Let's turn to Vermont. How did you come to be involved with the effort there to think beyond ACA? A group of people who had heard about my work in Taiwan .. ... read more

Always moving foward: A Q&A with Laura Frances

Understanding what they’re expecting and figuring out what we can do to ... PW: You’re close to Canada. What are your thoughts on single-payer and that movement here in the U.S.? I don’t view single-p... read more

Chris Wright: 2018 Election Guide

They ... single payer system you don’t have multiple bills, inscrutable bills, fooling around with codes, and you don’t have the incentive to exploit patients that can lead to their harm ... read more

Why work has failed us: Because you can have a job and still not afford the doctor

despite the fact that we know they don’t need them, and being aware of the wastefulness of it all really sucks the love out of what you do ... can buy into Medicare as well as individuals, but they ar... read more

Here’s What Single-Payer Healthcare Would Do to Your Taxes

But a more recent AP poll underscored a problem with those results: Most Americans don’t fully understand how a single-payer system actually operates ... who inherit over $3.5 million. As you can see, ... read more

The Daily 202: Kavanaugh allegations test the staying power of the #MeToo movement

‘How do you deal with friends and family that are constantly posting things that are not accurate or that go blatantly against what you believe ... realities. They don't always happen with the wave of ... read more

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