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Identification Of Candidate Genes And Proteins In Aging Skeletal Muscle Sarcopenia Using Gene Expression And Structural Analysis - Latest News

Identification of Novel Regulatory Genes in APAP Induced Hepatocyte Toxicity by a Genome-Wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screen

Using GSEA pathway analysis ... skeletal muscle contraction, corroborated existing work, suggesting that intracellular calcium may be important to response to APAP. However, the role of this pathway ... read more

Role of miRNAs in skeletal muscle aging

Furthermore, the expression of key target genes ... aging human skeletal muscle, followed by the identification of key cellular functions and canonical pathways related to the progression of muscle ... read more

Gut Microbiota, Host Gene Expression, and Aging

Department of Neuroscience and Imaging, Section of Cardiovascular and Pharmacological Sciences, Center of Excellence on Aging ... expression of these genes? and (iii) what is the extent of their ... read more

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Mutations in the Sarcoglycan Genes in Patients with Myopathy

7-17 Cognitive function was normal in all patients with sarcoglycan-gene mutations. Although sarcoglycans are normally present in both skeletal and cardiac muscle ... can only be made by testing of ... read more

Mutations causing mitochondrial disease: What is new and what challenges remain?

MtDNA encodes only 37 gene products, of which 13 are polypeptides that are structural ... to the identification of genes linked with Mendelian mitochondrial disorders, and the subsequent ... read more

Conserved and species-specific molecular denominators in mammalian skeletal muscle aging

Aging is a complex phenomenon involving functional decline in multiple physiological systems. We undertook a comparative analysis of skeletal muscle from four different ... modulate function and ... read more

Molecular and Cellular Determinants of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy and Hypertrophy

Muscle Gene Expression Group Laboratory of Muscle ... controlling a few cellular pathways determines whether the skeletal muscle tissue will respond to defined stimuli with increased protein synthesis ... read more

Identification of a Gene Responsible for Familial Wolff–Parkinson–White Syndrome

The mutation results in the substitution of glutamine for arginine at residue 302 in the protein. The identification ... candidate genes, one of which was the gene that encodes the γ2 subunit of ... read more

The Hippo signal transduction network in skeletal and cardiac muscle

Genetic screens in fruit flies led to the identification ... role of Hippo kinases in skeletal and heart muscle physiology could have important implications for translational research. In recent years ... read more

Cardiac regeneration strategies: Staying young at heart

Whereas damaged skeletal muscle has a profound ... proliferate and fuse with each other and the remaining muscle fibers to quickly regenerate lost muscle mass. In his initial report in 1961 on the ... read more

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Challenges in Translational Research and a Vision for Change

The diversity of the mechanisms and pathology of PAH calls for broad comprehensive theories that encompass emerging evidence for contributions of metabolism and inflammation to PAH to support more ... read more

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