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I Tried The Magic Leap One And Spent A Day Traversing The Magicverse - Latest News

I Tried the Magic Leap One and Spent a Day Traversing the 'Magicverse'

There were too many dinosaurs, the overloaded processor warned; I plucked a black hole from my Magic Leap “Create” toolkit and vacuumed up the bobbing, knee-high t-rexes to free some space. I was safe ... read more

The Magic Leap Con

Early on the morning of the first day ... in the Magicverse besides recreating Ready Player One, which might be why, after years of Apple-esque ironclad secrecy and silence, Magic Leap is suddenly ... read more

Samsung Chromebook Pro review: Android apps steal the show, bugs and all

Five years later, the next-generation models have arrived, complete with modern-day features ... the experience VentureBeat’s Jordan Novet had with the Asus Chromebook Flip. Right now, the only way to ... read more

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THE PLAYER: Touchscreen controls make all the difference in Switch port of Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood

I recall some four years ago I spent an afternoon ... of the ground to leap to, draw branches to step on, or even fashion crude barriers between you and assorted baddies. I recall a lot of trial and e... read more

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

I spent three hours with Skyrim ... Then I fled the scene, traversing mountains, dungeons and icy tundra, weighed down with the very best loot Riverwood had to offer. My journey continued. I tried to ... read more

Soapbox: Breath Of The Wild Is Amazing, But Is It The 3D Zelda That Enthusiasts Expected?

In this Soapbox article, Nintendo Life contributor Arjun talks about Breath of the Wild and its nature as a '3D Zelda game'. Before I begin, let me clarify one thing - Breath of ... doesn’t quite capt... read more

Stop the boats: the answer to the wrong question

To the untutored eye, the problem presented by the transnational flow of distressed and dislocated people seems a vexed one. It's an issue lost and muddied by vast global conflicts, the collapse of cu... read more

Faster-than-light travel discovered? Slow down, folks

So the web is buzzing right now over news that scientists have detected some subatomic particles moving faster than the speed of light. Yeah, well, not so fast. Let’s think about this for a sec. First ... read more

The Tale of Lucky

The way it worked is one player ... time they tried something like this, it was never as good as they thought it would be. It always felt too flat, like a matte painting and lacked any compelling sens... read more

Why are millennials leaving church? Try atheism

There are some questions we may never know the answer to, but for the ones we can eventually answer, the scientific explanation will devour the religious one. Mixing science and religion requires a di... read more

Like the fist of an angry god

I mean, seriously: what the hell happened here? This is one of the latest pictures returned from the remarkable human achievement that is the Cassini spacecraft, a probe the size of a school bus that ... read more

Guide: The Best Pokémon Games - Every Mainline Pokémon Game Ranked

Other new features include increasing the times of day from three to five, a revamp of the moves system, and, of course, a brand new generation of monsters. So far it all sounds pretty positive, so wh... read more

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