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How Will 9 Or 10 Billion People Eat Without Destroying The Environment - Latest News

How will 9 billion or 10 billion people eat without destroying the environment?

The human population has reached 7.6 billion and could number 9 billion or 10 billion by midcentury. All those people will need to eat. A sobering report published Wednesday in the journal Nature argu... read more

When Doctors Are Stumped By Rare Cases, They Can Call In These ‘Disease Detectives’

(Sheridan, 10/10) The Washington Post: How Will 9 Billion Or 10 Billion People Eat Without Destroying The Environment? The human population has reached 7.6 billion and could number 9 billion or 10 ... read more

Would you eat slaughter-free meat?

They say they are solving the problem of how to feed a crowded earth without destroying the planet ... We slaughter 70 billion animals each year to feed seven billion people, says Dr Uma Valeti, a car... read more

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How do you feed 9 billion people?

An international team of scientists has developed crop models to better forecast food production to feed a growing population -- projected to reach 9 billion by mid-century ... improve food security a... read more

The Right and Neoliberals Get Away With Murder Because They Can

Misogyny is accepted by a significant number of people. No one marches anymore for peace, except small groups of atomized people, and we get an annual military budget exceeding $700 billion ... was ea... read more

Under water: How rising waters cost us all

Without "rapid ... killing more than 300 people and destroying 6,000 homes. Since then, Hamburg built a massive, improved system of levees around the city. It also invested € 3 billion in HafenCity, a ... read more

The Dirty Way to Feed 9 Billion People

Likewise, we can't destroy it ... in 2012 worldwide. Without it, agricultural productivity would have to get by with phosphorus that gets into soil by natural weathering of P from Earth’s rocks, which ... read more

How Will We Feed a World of Nine Billion People?

We also have is two billion people, nearly one third of the ... which would open up 10 percent of U.S. farmland and 15 percent of European arable land overnight. We could also eat lower on the food ch... read more

Can We Solve World Hunger and Feed 9 Billion People Just By Eating Less Meat?

Could the earth sustain nine billion people living on a plant-based diet? A great number of people today eat a Western diet that ... determine the best way to feed ourselves without totally decimating ... read more

Cerrado towns terrorized to provide toilet paper for the world, say critics

Armed men patrolled Forquilha, illegally entered people’s homes ... Council (FSC), which demands that products are sourced without destroying forests and that the wellbeing of workers and ... read more

Weekly Commentary: Rude Awakening Coming

Argentine 10-year yields have surged 360 bps to 9.66% ... to three people briefed on negotiations... The Chinese, however, say they have such a list but would not present it without some guarantee ... read more

Climate change is here: floods in Florida, Toronto and Kerala show extreme weather events on the rise, with coastal cities most at risk

It took 200,000 man-hours – more than 800 people working around the clock for 10 days – to repair the damage ... He was so emaciated he couldn’t eat without whimpering. The family found out later that ... read more

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