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The BuzzBuilding - How to Make London Self Sufficient in Protein Trough Urban Insect Farming

There are approximately 1900 edible species of insects, and 2 billion of the world's population already eat ... 10 kg fodder is needed to produce 1 kg of beef, but the same amount of fodder can ... read more

Untested water: 99.9 percent of foreign fish goes without testing for unsafe drugs

Of those samples, nearly one in 10 contained ... is also a concern that eating contaminated fish may contribute to antibiotic resistance. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, e... read more

When Doctors Are Stumped By Rare Cases, They Can Call In These ‘Disease Detectives’

(Sheridan, 10/10) The Washington Post: How Will 9 Billion Or 10 Billion People Eat Without Destroying The Environment? The human population has reached 7.6 billion and could number 9 billion or 10 bil... read more

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We can feed 10 billion of us, study finds — but it won’t be easy

Recent global population growth estimates (10 billion by 2100, anyone?) plus slowing annual increases in agricultural yields have a lot of analysts worried that many of those new people will ... s gro... read more

How Will We Feed a World of Nine Billion People?

We also have is two billion people, nearly one third of the ... which would open up 10 percent of U.S. farmland and 15 percent of European arable land overnight. We could also eat lower on the food ch... read more

A Stable Yield In Bumpy Times: Utility Investor Launches

Target 2015, presumably for people ... billion in Target 2015 assets alone. But it’s hard to see how a retiree is going to survive on Target 2015’s barely 2% yield. Neither has this fund’s 5 ... read more

‘This Land Is Meant Only for Saffron. Without It, It Means Nothing.’

Without it ... the crop totaled 9.6 metric tons of saffron, from 3,674 hectares of land. In 2016 and 2017, while the exact numbers haven’t been calculated, farmers and scholars both tell me that the o... read more

Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 within planetary limits may be achievable

A global shift toward healthy and more plant-based diets, halving food loss and waste, and improving farming practices and technologies are required to feed 10 billion people ... partnership on Livest... read more

Can We Solve World Hunger and Feed 9 Billion People Just By Eating Less Meat?

A great number of people today eat a Western diet ... way to feed ourselves without totally decimating our environment now before irreversible damage is done. Based on the above data, the earth simply ... read more

Here's what the Green New Deal actually says

The Department of Energy has provided some funds since then, according to the Congressional Research Service, putting $3.6 billion each ... 17.7 million people, according to data from the Bureau of La... read more

The Earth Doesn’t Need To Worry, But The Things That Live On It Do

With 7 billion people going to 9 billion, much of the environment ... if not most of the next 10 to 20 billion people to walk the planet. So I think the world should be more into conserving the stuff ... read more

How to save a dragon in Indonesia

Concerned about the impact of tourism on the environment ... that without a level of certainty required by travel agents and operators, blocked access and escalating charges could destroy the ... read more

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