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"How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet"

I think that a distinction needs to be made between cyberbulling and trolling. I would define the difference as lashing out at individuals as opposed to bashing positions or ideas, though there is oft... read more

How to Argue on the Internet Without Becoming a Troll

The internet is a battlefield, and you simply can't get around online without being drawn into a shootout from time to time. When that happens, these tips will keep you knocking down opponents without ... read more

How to eat an Internet troll

Here’s something you surely already suspected but which is nevertheless sort of nice to have validated by science: Internet trolls? Those nasty ... They delight in ruining the beautiful. The more pure ... read more

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The Human Brain Is a Time Traveler

If you thought Russian troll farms were dangerous in our social-media feeds ... It’s a common complaint that our compulsive use of smartphones is destroying our ability to focus. But seen through the ... read more

Why Some People Are Internet Trolls (and How to Stop Them)

About 5 percent of people online self-identify as trolls (a.k.a. those annoying commenters who attack anything and everything on the Web). This video from AsapSCIENCE discusses research that found tro... read more

We Must Not Shut Up About How Women Are Treated on the Internet

To that end, everyone needs to read Amanda Hess's stellar essay on women and internet trolls in Pacific Standard. And then tell everyone you know to read it and then tell them again. It's an incredibl... read more

Why we’re losing the internet to the culture of hate

Today there was an article published by Time Magazine entitled “How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet”. There is a terrible problem on the internet and we think we (Imzy) can be a part of fixing it. It ... read more

“We have built the world that they told us existed”: Did the rise of young, white “Internet reporting” bolster the alt-right?

Using the term “troll” when what you really mean is “violent misogynist ... backstage”: Joel Stein’s 2016 Time magazine cover story “How Trolls Are Ruining The Internet,” in which Stein got sucked int... read more

Beacon of a brave new world

After I was told to keep quiet, I felt, ‘yeah ok, he was 30 years older than me, and I would be ruining something (if I opened up ... When you first came out, were you prepared for the trolls? How did ... read more

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit--these several thousand words--is like leaving bears a pan of bak... read more

How To Stop Internet Trolls!

I have a zero tolerance for trolls and you should too. Working together, I truly believe we can empower each other, and our awesome audiences, to substantially reduce and even eliminate them from our ... read more

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