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How To Train Your Brain To Do More ‘Deep Work’

What percentage of time do you spend during a workday in ... That’s 336 minutes or 5.6 hours. Train your mind for increased clarity and calm, and increase its capacity for more deep work. There’s also ... read more

5 Ways to Train Your Brain Every Day for Happiness

When researchers pick random volunteers and train them to be more grateful ... that capture your attention seem harmless and fun- Cal Newport A while back I wrote a piece about the many reasons deep w... read more

How to Train Your Brain to Alleviate Anxiety

More specifically, “… what you pay attention to, what you think and feel and want, and how you work with your reactions to things sculpt your brain in multiple ways ... Take several long, deep breaths ... read more

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You Asked: How Can I Use More of My Brain?

Distractions are powerful drains on the brain ... time, the more that cognitive clutter accumulates, and the more your performance declines. Calvin Newport, associate professor of computer science at ... read more

Train Your Brain to Focus

Multitasking may help us check off more ... or do other cognitive work. Positive emotions and thoughts do the opposite — they improve the brain’s executive function, and so help open the door to creat... read more

AI platforms aim to ease information overload in healthcare and improve patient care

The idea is to have the algorithm do the first pass on the multiple images generated from one scan. The next step is to look for patterns identified in the larger analysis in an individual's records. ... read more

Scientists trained a computer to classify breast cancer tumors

"Your smartphone ... Study to train the computer to classify tumors for grade, estrogen receptor status, PAM50 intrinsic subtype, histologic subtype, and risk of recurrence score. To do this ... read more

3 ways to combat negative thinking and improve your mood

And thinking more ... to work, volunteering in my community or picking up a hobby I love,” she said. Dr. Abraham said the third way to train your brain away from negative thinking is to practice grati... read more

15 ways to stay focused all day, according to scientists

It promotes brain ... "Deep Work," which comes out in January, told Business Insider that having a recording of all the things you still need to do can help you stay focused on the upcoming task. If n... read more

Train Your Brain for Monk-Like Focus

The moment you get effortlessly lost in work ... but what's more sustainable in the long term is training your brain to focus better. Let's see how you can do it. Learning how to focus takes training. ... read more

I Ran 4 Experiments to Break My Social Media Addiction. Here’s What Worked.

My goal was to see if by interrupting my daily behavior I could change my “default settings” and have more time for deep, focused work ... I raised objections—“but I need Facebook for my work!”, my br... read more

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