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How To Tell If Youre Having Your Astrological Quarterlife Crisis - Latest News

The Most Unpredictable Aspect Of Your Life, According To Your Uranus Placement

In fact, the most unpredictable aspect of your life, according to your Uranus placement, will prove it. If you don't know which astrological ... you're never afraid to stand out. However, your desire ... read more

Here's what this weekend's Full Flower Moon means for your zodiac sign

Let’s take a look at how each zodiac sign will be affected by the Full Flower Moon, and do remember to check for your rising sign as well. There might be an air of crisis and you ... the next few ... read more

How to Overcome Your Quarter-Life Crisis

But I do know I’m not the only one out there that feels like this. This monster is the quarter-life ... a crisis in your late twenties is like having gas after a steak and cheese burrito—it’s ... read more

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How To Cope With Anxiety, By Zodiac Sign

I myself have ... tell yourself everything is going to be okay. Your mind will play tricks on you and you need to realize that. Solution Two - Write Write down your emotions, thoughts, feelings ... read more

Exactly what to expect when Saturn goes retrograde *during* your Saturn return

“It tends to coincide with the turning-30 transition, which is already such a loaded moment, where you’re supposed to have your ‘adult’ stuff in order.” Basically, get ready for the stress and ... read more

The Saturn Return is the astrological reason you have a crisis in your late 20s

If you've been there and made it out the other side, then you know. If you're yet to turn 30, you may still have a potential ... and it's all down to your natal Saturn sign (which you can find out on ... read more

This Is What No One Tells You About Divorce

Once your turn a corner, it is amazing. Dropping off your kids is the worst. Having sex with other people is so much fun. Fast forward a few years later, and I've discovered there are a lot of things ... read more

How The Zodiac Signs Comfort Others

Each zodiac ... problem or crisis they’re going through, they’re able to handle on their own. It’s up to you whether to honor their wishes or try to comfort them anyway. When you’re going through ... read more

The One Thing To Do On Your 25th Birthday, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Save the quarter-life crisis for another day, and celebrate being still so young with a lot of lovely life ahead of you. Based on your zodiac sign ... say that you'll have a blast on your birthday ... read more

How to Tell Someone They Smell Bad

This phenomenon is called the “quarter-life crisis” and ... to do in life, or have yet to “find” your passion. Stop. Passion isn’t found, like it’s a penny on the sidewalk—it’s cultivated. You act ... read more

What actually is a quarter-life crisis?

But no one ever prepared us for that feeling of 'crisis' in our earlier years. After all, that's when you have it all and experience the most fun and freeing years of your life, right? According to a ... read more

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