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How to Get in Shape When You Feel Lazy and Unmotivated

I became powerless to stop myself, as the rush of the binge and my inner saboteur ... Meaning even if you feel like being lazy and sitting on the couch, it’s very likely once you actually get started ... read more

How to Motivate the Unmotivated Child

Or perhaps it covers too long of a time span (where they become unmotivated while waiting to earn their prize ... How are they going to stay caught up on homework? Or keep from being lazy and entitled ... read more

12 reasons your child seems lazy and unmotivated (and what you can do about it)

After all, the goal is progress, not perfection. Reason #4: Your child feels that he or she is being treated as a problem, not a person If your children seem lazy or unmotivated, it’s understandable t... read more

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Teasing obese kids doesn't help them lose weight. It can backfire.

Underlying weight-related stigma is the belief that being overweight or obese reflects a personal weakness and that people are personally responsible for their weight – they are overweight because the... read more

How to Overcome Your Own Laziness

You read productivity tips, you've used a million to-do list apps, and you promise yourself every month that you're going to start being productive ... just plain laziness. Advertisement Many active a... read more

How to Change the Story about Students of Color

In other words, they frame SEL as a sort of savior—one that transforms students of color from being unmotivated, loud, lazy, and uninterested students into motivated individuals suddenly enthusiastic ... read more

Want To Stop Being Lazy? Remember the Pain.

You end up going back to your old ways of being lazy, unproductive, unmotivated and lacking success (or even directly causing misfortune for yourself). So how do your remember this pain so you don’t h... read more

How to silence your inner critic once and for all

It might tell you you’re too lazy to accomplish what you wish to ... We may worry we’ll become irresponsible and unmotivated, indulging ourselves and failing to meet our goals. If I stop thinking nega... read more

Top 10 Parenting Mistakes

Growing with your kids won’t just make you a better parent – it will make you a better human being. So let’s count down parenting ... Impatient parents, who are too quick to label kids lazy, unmotivat... read more

Tragic Flaw

Babies and why I’m not having them: So, despite being 23, the topic in some of my older friends ... He describes my dad as lazy and unmotivated, and they have argument after argument about how little ... read more

I Got Certified To Coach Heads Up Football And It Was A Joke

Awww, look at all the cute kids and caring coaches who will probably start dropping c-bombs the second the cameras stop rolling ... and yet I still found it tedious because I'm lazy and unmotivated. Y... read more

Weight Loss Tip #162 – Don’t beat yourself up for not sticking to your weight loss plan

Every time you scold yourself for being lazy and unmotivated and call yourself a couch potato ... Monitor your thoughts and get rid of that negative voice in your head. Once you stop beating yourself ... read more

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