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How To Root A Grapevine From A Cutting By Placing Into Glass Or Bottle Of Water - Latest News

How to Root a Grapevine from a Cutting by Placing into Glass or Bottle of Water

Harvesting fresh, juicy grapes straight off a grapevine (Vitis) means literally enjoying the fruits of your labor. Grape production, whether on a large or small scale, is no simple task, but it begins ... read more

How to Make Kombucha, or How I Met My Mother

Someone asked me what I thought, and I turned into a wine writer: It was vinegary on the nose; there were afternotes of pond water, acid, fire. I took another taste. That one was better — tart and ... read more

How to become a rosé expert in time for summer

Forget the scent of cut ... into it, which affects the final taste,” says Luca Dusi, founder of Passione Vino, a shop and bar in London’s Shoreditch devoted to organic Italian wines. “Colour can be a ... read more

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How to create near-infinite clones of your favorite tomato (or any) plant

Synthetic auxin is what you find in the bottle at the garden center. Applying it to a root-less stem or cutting ... to lightly coat the outside of the cutting. If you're using powder, dip your cutting ... read more

How to lose weight fast – with 6 changes you can make today (starting with a spring clean)

Neuroscientist Dr Lisa Mosconi recommends women drink one small glass of wine a day for their brain health. On your booze-free days, go for grape ... to get yourself into the weights room down the gym ... read more

HOW TO: Grow an Avocado Tree from an Avocado Pit

Check out our handy-dandy guide below, complete with photos, to learn how to grow an avocado tree from seed. You’ll need to start by removing the pit from the avocado carefully (without cutting ... ... read more

Everything You Want to Know about Mother Plants and Clones

Once your medium is prepped, covered and put under the lights, place a clean thermometer ... a final inspection, then cut off portions of the stem longer than you intend to root. Put the cut end into ... read more

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Once you see the tap root, it’s time to transfer your germinated seed into its growing medium. Small 2-inch pots are a good place to start ... Next, you’ll need to water the soil. Initially, use a ... read more

How to take a break from alcohol so you'll actually stick with it

"Are there components of the habit that we aren’t willing to abandon, like the social nature of having drinks? Are there ways to work around it? What are the root drivers that make the habit appealing ... read more

How to properly clean your fruits and vegetables the organic way

Use a 50/50 mixture of water and the 3 percent product right out of the bottle from the grocery ... of the lemon or lime you're offered into the drink, but instead of tossing the rind in the drink, ... read more

I Took a Healthy Cooking Class Because I Haven’t Made a Proper Meal Since Thanksgiving...2016

Enter “Kitchen Warriors,” my first foray into the structured culinary world, which took place for four hours on a weeknight ... with “AskTheGoodDoctor” on it, and a 3-liter bottle of water to “dress” ... read more

10 Easy Steps for Successful Cloning

A clone is simply a cutting ... grow down toward the water below. Vigorously shake the cloning gel and pour it into the shot glass, filling it halfway. This is a better alternative to placing the cut ... read more

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