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How To Redirect An Ip Address Using A Hosts File - Latest News

How to Redirect an IP Address Using a Hosts File

The Windows Hosts file is a text file that contains Internet Protocol addresses and their domain hostnames. Similar to an address or telephone book, Windows refers to the Hosts file before it checks t... read more

How to Block Distracting Websites with Your Hosts File

When you edit your hosts file, you’re telling your system to use a particular IP address instead of whatever your DNS server resolves to when you type a URL into your browser’s address bar. read more

Cloud Deployment Process for Internet of Vehicles: IoV Series (III)

For security and stability purposes, add the IP addresses or IP address segment for accessing the database to the whitelist of the target instance before you use ... the local hosts file to ... read more

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Net Tip: /etc/hosts for Windows

users can reference the machine at as 'devserver' instead of using its IP address. The same functionality exists in Windows operating systems as well, though it's buried a few levels deep ... read more

BlueLife Hosts Editor: a one-stop HOSTS file manager

The HOSTS file is an important element in most networks, a simple structure which maps host names to custom IP addresses. HOSTS can be used to block ads, or prevent access to certain sites. It’s occas... read more

How to Flush DNS

In many builds of Linux the nscd daemon is used to manage the client DNS cache. For builds that use this method, restarting the nscd daemon is the primary means to flush DNS cache. Other builds of Lin... read more

How to set up a peer-to-peer fully-meshed VPN between servers

If you have deployed multiple servers on DigitalOcean or Vultr, you probably know that every server can be provided with a private IP address ... use hostnames, or even put “fake” hostnames that you c... read more

How to set up Icinga2 agent monitoring

... is the IP address of the node. Save and close that file. After a moment, the new agent will appear, and Icinga2 will start monitoring it with more than just a ping test, using a more secure method ... read more

How to Filter Websites Using LMHOSTS

This will display a blank Web page or the system index page whenever the Facebook Web address is accessed. The HOSTS file is for TCP/IP connections ... "How to Filter Websites Using LMHOSTS." Small Bu... read more

How to Configure Chroot Environments for SFTP Access on Ubuntu 16.04

We need to make changes to this file using a ... the public IP address associated with Alibaba ECS instance. $ sftp jacob@ Login session output: The authenticity of host ... read more

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