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How to Install Jenkins X on a Nodeless EKS Cluster

Let’s look at how Jenkins X can be installed on a nodeless Kubernetes cluster, running on AWS, using Milpa as its container runtime. Jx can create the Kubernetes cluster for you before installing the ... read more

Coolest Things You've Done with Linux

Downloaded a pre-0.9 version of the kernel and read the source code in one ... First time in 1995 managed to install/compile Linux from pile of dozens of 3.5" diskettes. Fix Windows PCs using live ... read more

The best open source development tools

It runs on Debian- and Red Hat-derived Linux distros, and typically uses Ruby 2.0, Python 2.7, a MySQL database, and an Nginx Web server. Linux distros include command-line and graphical package ... read more

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Universal “Snap” Packages Launch on Multiple Linux Distros

Users do not have to make complex security decisions when installing the snap. “Security is particularly important when running third-party software,” said Steve Langasek, a Debian developer. “Snaps ... read more

Debian Edu / Skolelinux Stretch released

is a Debian derivative aimed at making it easy to administrate a computer lab or a whole school network. Version 9 "Stretch" has been released. "Would you like to install servers, workstations and ... read more

Install k8s Minikube on top of KVM on Debian 9

My goal is to make Jenkins ... about the Debian 9 + k8s + KVM combo. Enjoy (and feel free to contribute if there are things that could be enhanced). The first step is to make KVM and libvirt to work. ... read more

7 Awesome Features You've Forgotten About In Windows 7

Sometimes you install a program or update a driver that causes more problems than it solves. Windows' System Restore feature is designed for just such an occasion: open it up, and it will roll back ... read more

Simple way to configure Nginx Reverse Proxy

A reverse proxy is a server that takes the requests (http/https) & then transfers or distributes them to backend server. Backend server can be an application server like Tomcat, wildfly or Jenkins etc ... read more

GnuTLS: Big internal bugs, few real-world problems

This statement was based on a single Debian user group discussion. When I looked at this message thread the examples cited were multiple Debian network programs such as exim4, a mail transfer agent; ... read more

Creating Linux Command-Line Tools in Clojure

After installing leiningen, use the lein command (which is the name ... Putting it simply, to calculate the sum of 9 and 4, you would write + 9 4 and not 9 + 4. Interaction with the Clojure shell ... read more

Microsoft Ships .NET Core RC2, ASP.NET Core RC2

Developers can install .NET Core SDK 1.0 Preview now—including .NET ... including Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, Centos 7.1, Debian 8.2 and above, Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17 and above, OS X 10.11, ... read more

Why kernel development still uses email

In a world full of fancy development tools and sites, the kernel project's dependence on email and mailing lists can seem quaintly dated, if not positively prehistoric. But, as Greg Kroah-Hartman ... read more

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