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How To Get Free Red Dead Online Money And Gold Bars Right Now - Latest News

Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: How To Get Unlimited Money And Gold

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that strives ... the principle of you selling a gold bar (which goes for a lot of money). If you have a lot of gold bars, you can have a lot of money. This glitch can b... read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bars Glitch: How to Get Unlimited Gold Bars

In an open-world game such as Red Dead Redemption 2, glitches, exploits and the like are to be expected. You can look forward to glitch-free gaming in 3018. Players have already discovered how to get ... read more

Red Dead Online Money Farming Guide – Best Money Farming Tips, How To

You can earn $250+ right off the bat, with your first mission. After you are done with the tutorial, tap left on your D-pad to go to Free Roam ... hold items like money clips, sellable items and even ... read more

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'Red Dead Online': How To Make Money Fast and Easily

Players are loving virtually everything about Red Dead Online so far, except for its economy. Basically, as it stands, you either need to play an INSANE amount of the game -- or more conveniently spen... read more

Red Dead Online: How to Save

Completing an activity in Red Dead Online could be anything from doing a story mission, participating in a free roam mission ... to purchase gold bars using real world money, but for now, fans of the ... read more

Red Dead Redemption 2 robbery guide: how to rob trains, open a safe, rob the doctor and more

It’s why you bought Red Dead Redemption 2, be serious. You are also free to rob ... some honest money, as well as how to exploit a glitch for a tonne of gold bars. As you progress through your adventu... read more

Red Dead Online: Everything You Need To Know | 17 Frequently Asked Questions

Gold Bars will be purchasable with real money ... now hog-tie random players. They’re able to break free much, much faster than NPCs. So don’t think you can hold onto someone for too long. How Does De... read more

Red Dead Online Faces Backlash Over In-Game Currency And Almighty Baked Beans

The game raked $752 million into the coffers over at Rockstar, and that was before the online portion of the game even started. That online portion is called Red Dead Online and has been tipped to get ... read more

Microtransactions Arrive in Red Dead Online, You Can Now Buy Gold Bars In-Game

What do you think of Red Dead Online's microtransactions? Will you be splashing out, or earning your gold bars the old fashioned way? Don't forget your pitchforks in the comments below. read more

Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Do the Infinite Gold Bar Glitch

The gold bars can be sold for $500 apiece, and once that’s been done, players are free to spend the cash how they please. They can also go back and re-do the glitch again if they want to get even more ... read more

$600 Is The Price If You Want To Unlock Everything In Red Dead Online

Everything in Red Dead Online can be purchased by playing the game and earning Gold bars. However, you are required to grind a bit to earn these Red Dead Online gold bars. As of now, players ... the R... read more

Red Dead Redemption 2: Jack Hall Gang treasure map guide and location

As with all treasure maps in Red Dead ... Gold Bars that are worth a lot of money. Take them to a fence and you can sell them for $500 apiece. While you’re here, you should go fishing to stock up on f... read more

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