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How to Block Distracting Websites with Your Hosts File

or some other message that says it can’t edit the hosts file while it’s in use, you have a few options. You can run your favorite text editor as an administrator (right-click and select that option wh... read more

How To Edit Hosts File in Windows

Host files are the files used by Microsoft TCP/IP for windows. It shows the mapping of the IP address with its corresponding Host name. It helps to access any web site or web page easily. Mapping the ... read more

Default and Third-Party Apps to Edit the Windows HOSTS File

Windows 10 came out not a month ago, and as some expected, speculated, or cunningly hoped, things aren’t going quite as planned, at least for the end user. As Microsoft continues to gather data from W... read more

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Net Tip: /etc/hosts for Windows

Where UNIX hosts typically place the file in /etc/hosts, Windows 2000 and XP place it in c:\WINNT\system32 ... then put a space between each of its other names (called 'aliases'). Once you edit and sa... read more

Setup hosts file, Add domain to localhost

So instead of http://localhost we may have something as Now let’s focus on how this needs to be done, with these steps : Make sure your application is running fine with http://loc... read more

Take total control of your HOSTS file with HostsMan

The Windows HOSTS file is based ... and you might start by viewing your own HOSTS file. Click Editor, the file will appear, and you can browse it to see what entries (if any) it contains. There are pl... read more

Windows 8 hosts won't block Doubleclick ads or Facebook

A common Windows user customisation is editing entries in the hosts file to block certain sites and domains. These domains may be of advertisers, known malware or with explicit content; anything someo... read more

Lock down HOSTS files

Windows uses a plain-text file ... It may also be possible to stop hijacking of the HOSTS file by editing its security information, but setting it to read only is generally much simpler. Note that if ... read more

How to Block Unwanted Ads in All Applications and Speed Up Web Browsing with the Hosts File

In the beginning, only the /etc/hosts file was used. Over time ... so you need root/administrative access to change it. On MS-Windows, be certain you use Run As Administrator to edit the file. For mor... read more

How to edit the hosts file

Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp. # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows. # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each # entry should be kept ... read more

Blocking Ads in Microsoft Edge via the HOSTS file

Editing the HOSTS file Windows doesn’t recognize websites and domains by their URL, as you do, but rather by their Internet address, like the mailman delivers correspondence by street address and hous... read more

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