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Using Extended Events To Capture Backup and Restore Progress

You could review or query the sql ... page and on the next page give the session a name. If you choose to you can check box against the Start the event session at Server Startp. I will leave it ... read more

Setting up Oracle as a Data Source for SQL Server

In this article, we’ll continue on with the setup of Oracle as a data source for SQL Server ... the Publishers page, we get to the picture below. Expand the Options on the Connect to Server dialog, ... read more

How to Turn Google BigQuery Into A Powerful Marketing Data Warehouse

So say you run an ecommerce site, this lets you perform a deep path analysis to identify which are the most common page paths ... needing to write SQL. Sets data types for all your fields with ... read more

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Lab 2.3 An Introduction to SQL*Plus

Unquestionably, SQL*Plus seems quite arcane compared to SQL Developer, but knowing this old-style tool may come in handy when you're working with Oracle versions that do not ... (In this example, ... read more

Real-time Data Processing using Redis Streams and Apache Spark Structured Streaming

Previous versions of Redis do not support Redis Streams. 5. JDK 1.8 or higher: We can download and install this JDK from Oracle ... query.awaitTermination() } // End main } //End object // Program: ... read more

10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

You can also create ad-hoc, in-memory tables with the VALUES() constructor as such, in some databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, SQL Server): If that clause is not supported, you can revert to derived tables, ... read more

Microsoft Takes Aim at Oracle with SQL Server 2016

Free Licenses for Oracle Switchers "So if you are willing to migrate off of Oracle, we will actually give you free SQL Server licenses to do so," Althoff ... even during query processing. No one can ... read more

Predicate Execution Order on Mixed Data Type Columns

When this happens, the order SQL Server chooses to execute predicates is important not just for performance of your query but for the business logic as well. Let’s look at the following example ... to ... read more

Introduction to Oracle 10g's New SQL Tuning Advisor

Well, I suggest we look at it and then you can experiment and let me know the instances where it did not decide the proper execution path or didn't re-write the query any better. If you were to use ... read more

Lab 2.2: The Anatomy of a SELECT Statement

How Do You ... notice that SQL*Plus sometimes does not show the number of rows returned by the query, but rather depends on the feedback settings for your SQL*Plus session. Typically, the feedback is ... read more

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