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How to Do Pagination in Oracle: SQL Query With Example

MariaDB TX, proven in production and driven by the community, is a complete database solution for any and every enterprise — a modern database for modern applications. Many times, we need a SQL query ... read more

How to use the SELECT statement in SQL

Depending on the RDBMS program, SELECT statements can be executed directly from a command line window, from an interactive Query by Example (QBE ... languages—such as Microsoft SQL Server's Transact-S... read more

What is SQL Injection? How to do it with sqlmap?

Suppose a URL, What is happening in the backend here? A SQL Query like following may be written ... Please Note: This tutorial is for learning purpose only. Don’t do ... read more

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Build a Simple Web App with Express, Angular, and GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language that was invented by Facebook ... allow requests that provide a valid authentication. In this simple tutorial, I have shown you how to create a single page application with ... read more

How The Cloud Along With Machine Learning Drive Future Of Customer Service

Some of you may recall a time when you entered a question or even a search query on Google and got ... This is just one example of many solutions out there for creating a perfect chatbot today. Oracle ... read more

10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

You can also create ad-hoc, in-memory tables with the VALUES() constructor as such, in some databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, SQL Server): If that clause is not supported, you can revert to derived tables, ... read more

Sorting with DISTINCT and UNION

Some SQL users automatically throw a DISTINCT into every query (Figure 6–17). Don't do ... example. In this case, the two queries actually produce the same results. You see differences only if the UNI... read more

Data Mining Part 37: The Data Mining query transformation task

This SSIS task is used to predict data using existing models, with a data source provided, and send the result to any output format (Excel, Flat file, Oracle, any ODBC connection, etc). In this exampl... read more

Connecting to an Azure SQL Database with PowerShell

Once you have that installed, we now have the majority of the functionality available to query Azure SQL databases. It is now time to connect to our Azure subscription and associate our account in the ... read more

Microsoft Courting Oracle Users with SQL Server 2016

Exec Judson Althoff detailed a SQL Server 2016/Oracle comparison involving ... keeping it secure even when query processing is being done. At the database site, the data is never decrypted, even in me... read more

How to populate your visual studio code snippet library with SQL tables.

TLDR: What I did was create a new snippet library and then crafted a SQL query that found every table name in my schema and parsed (Jerry-rigged) every table name into the acceptable JSON syntax. Visu... read more

Understanding Explain Plans in Oracle 8i

In this article, Oracle expert Dan ... the rows will be returned by the query. DO use array processing whenever possible (Export and Pro*C applications). DON'T use subqueries if other solutions exist ... read more

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