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15 Instant Pot Turkey Soup Recipes to Bookmark For a Rainy Day

Everyone's always raving about chicken soup this and chicken soup that, but you know what doesn't get enough love? Turkey soup. Turkey is just as versatile as chicken and just as delicious and good fo... read more

Turkey 101: How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey

Are you cooking the Thanksgiving turkey this year? Even those of us who cook for a living can feel the pressure when it comes to this holiday meal. You've got the bird — and it's big — and one shot to ... read more

How to cook a turkey

The following "recipes" for how to cook a turkey are from Kristen Bishop's first-grade class and Tearsa Innis' kindergarten class at Ben Franklin STEM Academy: You put in a pan, then turn on the stove ... read more

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Keys students advise how to cook a turkey

Iteki: First you have to catch it at the barn. Then my mom can cook one in her oven. Lynn mom has one of those things are big and she cooks it too long. Kenneth: we cut the horn off and then we wash i... read more

Oklahoma students share advice on 'How to Cook a Turkey'

SHAWNEE, Okla. — As many take time to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast, Bethel Lower Elementary students are sharing their own recipes for “How to Cook a Turkey.” Mrs. Epperley, Pre-K Daxton Bar... read more

Men’s cooking: how to cook a turkey in ten minutes

Since almost everyone knows all about this, I will not bother you with the events surrounding the ‘Thanksgiving holiday’, instead I will describe how to cook a whole turkey in about 10 to 15 minutes. ... read more

How long does a turkey take to cook? Is it done? Answers to last-minute Thanksgiving questions

The turkey has been in the oven for what feels like forever, and while it smells wonderful and looks crisp, golden and ready to eat, you can't tell if it's actually done, just by looking. Use a thermo... read more

How to cook a turkey: Recipes from elementary students

Bake at 6 degrees for 7 hours. Serve with fruit, chicken and cookies. Finley Lowry First, take the feathers off. Next, cook it. Then, eat it. Bake at 12 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve with ham, tomatoe... read more

Turkey Cooking Times: How to Know It’s Done & Ready to Take Out

The correct way to measure if a turkey is cooked is by using a meat thermometer. This is the only way not to make a mistake and over or under cook your bird. Outside color and crispness does not deter... read more

Stuff it? Baste it? Pro tips on how to cook a turkey

(KOIN) -- So you've got 22 people coming over, some of whom you might know and another group you only kind of like, but you're in charge of cooking the turkey. Stressed? Don't be. It's not that hard. ... read more

How to cook a turkey

Limestone Technology Academy teachers Mandi Cloud and Terri Lee had their students describe how they would cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. You put it in the oven. Take it out and put it on a plate. Pi... read more

"How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey"

"How to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey" by the students in Sarah Beaulieu's Kindergarten/First Grade class at Endeavor Elementary School. I would get the turkey from outside. Then I would bake it in the h... read more

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