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How California wine took over the world

In the American West, the cultivation of wine-grapes began in New Mexico “around 1626 ... Names that still appear on bottles today were already flourishing deep in the 19th century. California boasts ... read more

Strictly history: 5 facts about the history of dancing

The ballroom tango we might recognise today evolved from the more risqué Argentine Tango, a dance that originated in the working-class neighbourhoods of Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th-century ... read more

Brexit and the Land of the Porridge People

The British restaurant boom has been well documented ... is believed to have been introduced to Britain in the 19th century by Jewish refugees. Nobody is quite sure what Brexit will mean for our diets ... read more

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A synagogue and cemetery high above sea level

Back in the latter part of the 19th century, the hardships may ... At the height of the silver boom, a select number of individuals made massive fortunes. Starting in the mid 1880s, Jews and non-Jews ... read more

Climate action means changing technological systems - and also social and economic systems

Consumption growth accelerated during the post-war boom – and ... negotiations that began at the Rio summit in 1992 have failed so spectacularly to reverse rising fossil fuel use - which rose by nearl... read more

How your eyes trick your mind

The real boom in studying illusions began in the 19th Century. A school of scientists who studied perception – among many other things – created simple illusions to shed light on how the brain perceiv... read more

The weekly weird

The sighting, they said, lasted about two minutes and ended when the creature dived under a nearby log boom. And now some are claiming ... originally written about in the 19th century. Rollercoaster r... read more

Early bikes sparked same fears in 19th century that scooters do today

The bicycle boom of the 1890s was triggered by the arrival of the ... Complaints about electric scooters mostly being a plaything for hipsters have their 19th-century parallel in the perception that c... read more

How Every Generation of the Last Century Got Its Nickname

The idea that the people who make up a generation share certain characteristics—and thus should share a name—dates back to the mid-19th century, and most cohorts from even before that time have been . ... read more

Understanding the Importance of Math in Poker

Others learn it by trial and error, and after failing a number of times to fill their straights or flushes a certain number of times finally begin to appreciate how ... introduced in America during th... read more

From the Director of ‘Call Me by Your Name,’ a New Project: A House

This is La Filanda (the Mill), the name a nod to the 9,600-square-foot building’s original 19th-century ... Before Guadagnino began, the couple had already gutted the building, which was constructed m... read more

How the Long Fuse on Chelsea’s Art Boom Was Lit

“Unlike Soho, which was built in the 19th century with brick and wood frames,” Gluckman ... “As I looked around to see what was there, I began to generate ideas for a possible program, which had not b... read more

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