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How Self-Driving Cars Will Sneak Onto Our Roads

Photo: The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images Nissan’ self-driving car takes a turn at an intersection during the CEATEC Japan 2013. The car slammed to a halt on a sunny afternoon. A cloth and metal figure of ... read more

$800 Million Says a Self-Driving Car Looks Like This

Of the many self-driving car hopefuls ... the grassy hills of Menlo Park and onto the Stanford campus. It’s a high-security jewel of American nuclear physics. It also contains a series of winding, out ... read more

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change Our Future, For Better And For Worse

Self-driving cars ... cars would plan out alternate routes and drive us to work and play in orderly fashion. The problem, though, is that this technology is being rushed onto the market, and it’s an o... read more

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This self-driving car could deliver groceries to your doorstep

“Our customers ... experience. Self-driving cars are slowly making their way onto American streets, but regulations governing their use are still being established. Eleven states and Washington, D.C., ... read more

How are connected cars moving out of the lab and onto the highway?

However, unlike the self-driving car, the connected car has moved out of the lab and onto our roads and highways. In 2015, auto manufacturers delivered approximately ten million vehicles – approximate... read more

How is LiDAR used in Driverless Cars?

Self-driving cars once seemed futuristic – think Will Smith in I-Robot – but the future is upon us and such driverless vehicles are creeping onto our roads in Pittburg, Boston and Silicon Valley and m... read more

Google Is Building Its Own Self-Driving Car Prototypes

As I reported in my story "How Self-Driving Cars Will Sneak Onto Our Roads", one of the major obstacles for self-driving cars will be the graceful handover of control from human to robot drivers. Goog... read more

Carnage followed the first automobile. How many deaths will we accept from self-driving cars?

For the first time, a self-driving ... the carnage on our roads today, and especially what followed the introduction of the first automobiles. When new cars began rolling off US assembly lines in the ... read more

How roads could beat rail

What’s more, the capacity of all that freed-up space will be much greater than the capacity of our current roads. Put enough platoons and self-driving cars onto the road, and it’s entirely conceivable ... read more

Cyclists on roads: 'Rarely, if ever, cause real problems' vs 'a totally untrained public nuisance'

Your little self driving ... go onto the road to get around cars parked on the pavement. You don’t have to go far to see that. ‘You were nearly knocked down’? Wondered what the stats are for cyclists ... read more

The case for rushing self-driving cars onto streets

The report estimated that hundreds of thousands of lives could be lost to road fatalities ... cost of following our gut and emotion, rather than thinking through the logic of the problem." Related: Ho... read more

Self-Driving Cars Will Fail

That's not to say self-driving cars can't happen. Perhaps eventually. However, we think it will be quite some time before they are "smart" enough to be on the roads safely and we are not alone in our ... read more

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