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How Often You Should Wash Your Sheets And 7 Other Household Items - Latest News

How often you should wash your sheets and 7 other household items

Summer is officially in business, and when it comes to your household linens and fabrics, it’s time to start a brand new routine. Sweat, dirt and mould in general, are all things that can creep up on ... read more

How Often Should You Wash Your Bedsheets?

If you have been sick, then sheets should ... other items in the load from getting tangled or balled up in the sheets," Zeitler says. "Sheets need a lot of room to get clean, so try not to jam too ... read more

Your Sheets Are Filthy. Here's Why (And How) To Change Them.

Well, hey, thanks so much for taking my little poll the other day! It was … not actually as bad as it might have been. A plurality of you, 37 percent, are changing your sheets ... items. If you've got ... read more

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How often you should wash your sheets, bras, hair and more!

That got us thinking that perhaps some guidelines about when to wash what might be useful. Sheets should be washed often ... and other germs. So be sure to clean your washer and dryer when you wash ... read more

Here's How Often You Should Wash 10 Household Items

Adulting is hard when you don't have the facts. Here's a cleaning schedule for 10 items that don't come with instructions. 1. SHEETS ... other week should do it unless you’re an especially damp ... read more

Should you wash your sheets after sex?

But if you can't recall the last time you washed your sheet but clearly remember the last romp you had on it, it is time to put it in the washing machine. Women change their bed sheets more often ... ... read more

How Often Should You Replace Your Sheets Set?

The sheets you sleep on are a very personal household item. While you might make an effort to choose a fun pattern or color to match your bedroom design, at the end of the day, you likely chose your ... read more

How Often Do You Really Need To Change Your Sheets?

You might think ... re at the laundromat every other week, cleaning everything from your sheets to your workout clothes. You know how often to wash your bras, and how to treat pit stains. But what ... read more

How often should you wash your towels? More than you think

How many bath towels does a household need? Each family member should ... clean them, “get a bowl of boiling water, add a capful of bleach and dump the cloth in,” she says. How often? “I’d say at the ... read more

How often you should wash your sheets and bedding — and the right way to do it

From water temperature to drying time, there's definitely a right way and wrong way to do the job. Follow these tips and not only will your sheets be cleaner, they'll last longer, too. ... read more

How Often You Should Clean Your Sheets (and 14 Other Household Items)

While you’re probably well aware of all the germs living in your bed, do you really know how often you should be changing your sheets? For a trusted opinion on the matter, we turned to the expert — ... read more

What Happens When You Don't Wash Your Sheets?

... re going to be washing your sheets more regularly, be sure to read up on our guide to how often you should wash other household items and garments, from dish towels to jeans. You may want to stock ... read more

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