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How Often Do You Really Need a Pap Smear?

It’s been forever since US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines required an annual pap smear, but I keep hearing from folks whose gynecologists only told them recently that they can skip a few ye... read more

How often should you have a smear test, how long do the results take?

Around five million women are invited to a smear test every year and while it is personal choice to attend, it can save lives. It really is essential ... will be sent to you in the post, but do check ... read more

Pap Smear Guidelines: Here’s How Often You Actually Need a Pap Smear

“The new Pap guidelines…have really ... smears dramatically reduced the number of cervical cancer cases and deaths in our country and continue to be an incredibly important tool in women's health,” sa... read more

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10 common myths about pap smears that you should stop believing

But if you've never experienced one yourself, the idea of a pap test can seem intimidating. Many people know the exam involves a gynecologist examining the inside of the vagina. However, not everyone ... read more

You Don’t Need a Pap Smear as Often as You Think

Some of the best lifesaving practices (think Heimlich maneuver, colonoscopy, Pap) are also some of the most incredibly awkward ones. Before the Pap smear (or ... symptoms, so you could have an STI wit... read more

So, Your Pap Smear Results Were Abnormal—Now What?

Millions and millions of women will experience an abnormal Pap smear in their lifetime. If you ... Do About It The type of cells that are found via a biopsy will also dictate how your treatment goes, ... read more

How vinegar, smartphones and factory clinics are tackling cervical cancer in Haiti

They don’t have to tell their husbands or get them to pay for treatment in a society where women often need ... women there need to be educated about the importance of prevention and early treatment. ... read more

XX Files: Cervical cancer screening: When do I get a Pap?

Finally, some women are unsure as to when and how often screening should be done ... only for women who have not previously had abnormal Pap testing. Remember, just because you don’t need a Pap smear ... read more

7 health tests all people in their 20s need to get

For anyone else, a dermatologist can make a personalized recommendation for how often you need a skin exam. "What we look for also in your 20s is diabetes," Segal said. "We do what's called ... is rig... read more

Your Pap Smear Is Abnormal – Now What?

"We think that's because the age has something to do with how the body responds to the virus. Younger people have a better immune system. It's the reason why we do pap smears at 21 ... although they a... read more

How a routine pap smear ends up costing $1,000

(HealthDay)—When doctors think about tests that might cause sticker shock for their patients, they wouldn't normally consider a simple Pap smear ... If you see yeast, you treat yeast. I don't need to ... read more

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