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How to Control Your Ravenous Hunger After a Tough Workout

It happens to the best of us. You finish a grueling workout, dripping in sweat, and the first thing that comes to mind: FOOD. Of course, having a recovery snack of protein, complex carbs, and healthy ... read more

How Can I Get My Appetite Under Control After Eating Twice as Much as Normal?

Over the holidays, I let my food consumption get out of control ... appetite back to normal, but my stomach's stretched out and I'm hungry all the time. What can I do? Signed, Too Hungry for Healthy ... read more

Why Am I Always So Hungry After a Workout?

... hunger pangs are a real thing, affecting some gym-goers on the reg, and many gym-goers from time to time. But beyond the simple (and frankly, obvious) explanation that calories burned during ... read more

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How Running a Little Bit Every Day for Two Months Changed My Life

After nights out with friends, I’d dread waking up the next morning to notifications of new tagged photos, because I knew some of them would put me on display for the world to see. I dabbled in ... read more

Feel like you lost your mojo upon hitting a certain age? Here's how to get it back.

I've been unable to recover, very tired, sore, achy, and barely able to finish a workout I normally would ... I had it all under control and could go to bed and wake up and do it day after day. But as ... read more

'I Lost 110 Pounds By Eating Healthy And Exercising After Weight-Loss Surgery'

As a result, in order to regulate my symptoms and menstrual cycle, I was required to have a birth control shot administered ... classes about nutrition and exercise. These courses ensured I’d maintain ... read more

A Simple Guide to the Best Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

However, one of the most difficult parts about working out can be choosing healthy options to eat before and after ... workout snack is how it will make me feel when I start exercising. I generally ... read more

Exercise Snacks Control Diabetes Levels Better

All of us snack on food from time when we're hungry ... intense exercise before meals can help us manage our diabetes better. In the paragraph above I emphasized the phrase "before meals" because we ... read more

Hunger, weakness after exercise

However, after exercising I feel famished and weak, but I’m sticking to my diet. Also, I’ve heard that post exercise you must have high protein foods. Is this true? How can I curb my weakness and ... read more

If You Do Intermittent Fasting, You Need to Read This Expert Advice on Post-Workout Eating

It's one thing to wait an hour or so for a post-workout snack, but six? Another issue: sometimes you just aren't hungry after a workout. In general, listening to your hunger cues will lead you in the ... read more

I can’t control my appetite!

Could you tell me how to control ... exercise programmes as this will burn some calories? In addition, you could eat smaller portions of food when you feel hungry. Whenever you get your cravings, wait ... read more

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