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How Dumb Cluster Bombs Are Becoming Heinously Smart - Latest News

How Dumb Cluster Bombs Are Becoming Heinously Smart

Cluster bombs have a bad rep and for good reasons. Yet, the cluster bomb concept has evolved from the dumbest of dumb bombs into a more targeted and discriminating weapon. One of these new cluster mun... read more

Allies' bombs, shells litter Yugoslavia with threats of horrific delayed damage

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia -- Even in the age of smart bombs guided by laser beams, dumb weapons that fail to explode ... refuse to say what types of weapons are being dropped on Yugoslavia, evidence of clu... read more

US to halt some arms sales to Saudi, citing civilian deaths in Yemen campaign

"It is completely bizarre that they are continuing to refuel Saudi jets that drop bombs on civilians in Yemen," Lieu said. SMART VERSUS DUMB BOMBS The decision to ... "Their responsibilities are being ... read more

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I Was a Social Justice Asshole

White supremacy tells us that white people are smart. White supremacy ... year old Andy Lopez– being shot dead because they had the temerity to play, just like white children play. Or that it also lea... read more

A Better Way to Protect Civilians and Combatants than Weapons Bans: Strict Adherence to the Core Principles of the Law of War

In reality, any weapon (think, e.g., about a “dumb” but lawful ... from modern “smart,” self-neutralizing landmines, deployed in strict adherence to the law of war and the CCW. The ICRC’s discussion o... read more

Read a Transcript of the Vice Presidential Debate

So it’s smart not to pay for our military? It’s smart not to pay for veterans? It’s smart not to pay for teachers? And I guess all of us who do pay for those things, I guess we’re stupid ... bombs, cl... read more

How Putin's Syria gamble has already paid off

Among other woes, its intelligence operations were slipshod, with troops being repeatedly being sent into ... GPS guidance system because the planes used a lot of “dumb” munitions like the cluster bom... read more

Imua Rail is an Oxymoron

Imua rail is an oxymoron. An unfunny joke. Perfectly awful. Pure Evil. A fine mess. A “little” big. A sincere lie. A terrific headache. A white lie. Willfully negligent. Voodoo science. Rail itself is ... read more

U.S. Weapon Manufacturers Feeling the Wrath of Arms-Control Activists

Antiwar and arms-control groups over the past decade have homed in on landmines and cluster munitions ... its stance that smart munitions such as SFW do not belong in same category of indiscriminate k... read more

F-15 Strike Eagles Over Saudi Arabia: Then And Now

The standard for the start of the war was the MK-20 Rockeye cluster bomb which if I remember right had a timer fuse on it. A certain time after being dropped the MK ... Direct Attack Munition), a dumb ... read more

Wasteland 2 Character Attributes, Skills and Stats Guide

Dumb, ugly, but extremely strong ... BOOM is what you’ll hear when Cherry Bomb is around, though you’ll be left thinking what it was exactly that caused the boom: the shotgun, or the demolitions? If i... read more

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