How Analog Ai Hardware May One Day Reduce Costs And Carbon Emissions

How analog AI hardware may one day reduce costs and carbon emissions

Could analog AI hardware – rather than digital – solve machine learning’s rising costs and carbon footprint with fast, low-energy processing? read more

Semicon West Day One/Two

From a system point of view, Imec splits hardware into three ... The ongoing shift towards AI and cloud computing will accelerate those trends. “One MIT study last year found that training large AI ... read more

IBM Research Rolls Out A Comprehensive AI And Platform-Based Edge Research Strategy Anchored By Enterprise Use Cases And Partnerships

IBM’s strategy also includes several in-progress platform-level technologies for scalable data, AI/ML runtimes, accelerator libraries for Day ... and reduce operational downtime and costs. read more

Insights From Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format – with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day ... carbon emissions will require innovation in process technologies, ... read more

EW BrightSparks 2022 profile: Sarah Keane

During Sarah’s time at Analog Devices, her nominator told us, she has constantly strived to be a force for positive change in everything she does. Her “day job” is to ... in such buildings and help ... read more

Xbox Controller Mod Gets Serious About Stick Drift

Many a gamer has found that after a few years of racing around the track or sending demons back from whence they came, the analog sticks ... stick with a new one. Even if you take into account ... read more

Cadence to Acquire Future Facilities, A Pioneer in Data Center Digital Twins

operations and lifecycle management that reduce their carbon footprint. Future Facilities’ product portfolio includes an electronics thermal solution that augments Cadence’s leading Celsius ™ Thermal ... read more

Where Are The Autonomous Lawnmowers?

RTK looks at the analog part of the signal along with the ... and fully expect we’ll one day see a 1-acre sized Skull-and-Wrenches carved into a grassy field. Send us a tip with your story ... read more

Dr Radu Sporea SMIEEE

on ultra-low-power CMOS analog circuits. Radu enjoys travel photography and public engagement in science. Occasionally, Radu will write, present and produce short Science films on YouTube. His ... read more

ICYMI: What’s New and Next in Dallas-Fort Worth Innovation Today

Each weekday, Dallas Innovates brings you up to date on what you may have missed in the region’s innovation, technology, and impact news. From startup to enterprise, education to invention, and ... read more

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