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Horse Dentistry Goes Back More Than 3000 Years Study Concludes - Latest News

3000-year-old sawn-off tooth may be the earliest evidence of horse dentistry

The procedure is among the earliest evidence of veterinary dentistry in the world, according to a new study ... Over time, horse dental care in Mongolia became much more systematic, Taylor and colleag... read more

25 Years Later: Imagining the Dark, Depressing ‘Pretty Woman’ That Could Have Been

Touchstone was established in 1984 as a home for more adult-oriented fare than Disney proper; their first release (and first hit) was that year ... Pretty Woman concludes with knight-like Edward ridin... read more

Wildhorse Resource Development's (WRD) CEO Jay Graham on Q1 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

For the rest of the year ... to go is just – does it require extra infrastructure or you just do what you’re doing. So that’s perfect. I appreciate it. This concludes our question-and-answer session. ... read more

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Secrets of the Sky Tombs

PETE ATHANS (Explorer): I've been coming to Nepal, now, more than 35 ... of our study is that the gene pool of these populations hasn't changed in a major way over the period of time that we have samp... read more

More minorities in prison ranks, study finds

The percentage of minority inmates in U.S. prisons has increased sharply since federal sentencing guidelines took effect 17 years ago, with blacks generally receiving harsher punishments than whites, ... read more

Three-day workweek is the most productive for employees, study says

Time to let your boss know: A study shows employees function best in a three-day work week. Japanese researchers analyzed the employment habits and cognitive test scores for 3,000 Australian ... funct... read more

The First Australians Arrived 65,000 Years Ago

Then there was the announcement earlier this year that Homo sapiens — albeit not quite version 2.0 — were in Morocco 300,000 years ago — the best evidence yet that our species is considerably older th... read more

Facebook's (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg Hosts 2017 Annual Stockholder Meeting (Transcript)

The median income for women working full time in United States is reported to be 79% of her male counterpart and forecast indicates that women will not reach pay parity until 2059, more than 40 years ... read more

Preventive treatment for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

More ... able to go back to the point at which the disease first emerged. After all, the dysfunctional processes that cause neurodegenerative diseases can activate the fatal process that ultimately re... read more

Deroy Murdock: Legal immigrants forgotten while fence-climbers cut the line

Rush reckons that she spent more than $3,000 on her immigration ... according to a June 2017 study by the U.S. Office of Immigration Statistics. Of these, 8.9 million were eligible for citizenship aft... read more

Ancient DNA Unravels Cat Domestication Like Ball of Yarn

Over time, humans developed a more personal relationship with their local ratkillers. A 2013 study of 5,300-year ... living and very dead. More than 350 ancient cat samples were collected, including f... read more

'Little Foot' Fossil Could Be Human Ancestor

with estimates ranging from about 2 million years to more than 3 million. A new geological study of the cave concludes that Little Foot is at least 3 million years old. If correct, that would mean he ... read more

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