Tyson Fury is criticised by fans for 'glorifying weapons' and 'sending the wrong message right now' as he shares a snap of himself holding a gun with the US flag in the background

Tyson Fury, 33, has been criticised by fans for sharing an image of himself holding a gun with the US flag in the background on social media, while on a recent trip to Las Vegas. read more

'Structural racism' found in NHS holding back Black and Asian nurses

White nurses are far more likely to get promoted than Black and Asian staff, according to a survey carried out by t. The UK-wide survey of almost 10,000 nursing staff found the gap was greatest among ... read more

MALAGA: Two defendants acquitted of holding a woman hostage

In Malaga on the Costa del Sol two defendants accused of holding a woman hostage until she paid off her debt to them have been acquitted according to Viva ... read more

Score Big Savings with the Aces & Eights Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding is currently offering a money saving deal on the Old West roleplaying game Aces & Eights from Kenzer & Company. read more

Has Ant Group finally been given the green light to set up a financial holding firm?

There have also been reports that China's central leadership had given Ant Group a tentative green light to revive its IPO in Shanghai and Hong Kong. read more

Keller: City ‘holding the line during difficult times’

Despite a pandemic and what he called the city’s “decades-old challenges,” Albuquerque has remained resilient and is pushing toward a brighter future, Mayor Tim Keller said during his annual State of ... read more

Revisiting My 'Buy' And Long-Term Holding In Allianz

Allianz is a strong ADR for those wanting a US-based investment option for Allianz. Given the recent price weakness, read why it's time to add more ALIZY stock. read more

Sri Lanka reduces amount of holding foreign currency

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka on Saturday announced that the amount of foreign currency an individual can hold has been reduced from $15,000 to $10,000. The central bank said the decision was taken to ... read more

San Diego county's COVID hospitalizations holding steady

The number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in San Diego County has decreased by one to 255, according to the latest state data. Of those patients hospitalized as of Saturday, 16 ... read more

Nigerian Ife head: Why UK police are holding a priceless sculpture

British police are keeping a stolen statue worth millions of dollars in their custody as a dispute rages between a Belgian antique dealer and a Nigerian museum over its ownership, writes Barnaby ... read more

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