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Hitler was drug addict; veins collapsed due to injections: Book

LONDON: Adolf Hitler was a gibbering "super- junkie" whose veins were all but destroyed ... who once complained he could no longer inject the drug as nearly all of his patient's veins had collapsed. " ... read more

'Hitler was a drug addict whose veins had collapsed'

LONDON: Adolf Hitler was a gibbering “super-junkie” whose veins were all but destroyed by thousands of opiate injections and the Nazi dictator’s heavy reliance on drugs was behind his “increasingly er... read more

Adolf Hitler was a 'super junkie' whose veins collapsed after thousands of injections, claims author

Norman Ohler has revealed that the Fuhrer allegedly became so addicted to the heroin-like Eukodel, he turned into a 'super junkie' whose drugs ... how Hitler's personal physician Theo Morell had writt... read more

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Hitler was routinely injected with cocaine, meth and opiates

In one of the book’s most harrowing scenes, author Norman Ohler describes how “Hitler’s veins were ... the factories [had] been bombed out.” Without the drugs to prop him up, “all that was left behind ... read more

Addiction: Why Can't They Just Stop?

Whether it's the child addict whose habit upends ... But his arrest collapsed the myths he'd constructed: that using drugs was helping him to function as a professional and earn a living to support hi... read more

Cruel and Unusual: A Second Failed Execution in Ohio

They had traveled to Lucasville ... clumsy attempts to find a vein — are disturbingly common. Ohio has a particularly ugly track record. In 2006, Ohio executed a man named Joseph Clark, whose vein col... read more

Back from the Brink

A reformed drug addict who partook in everything ... but I didn’t want to be alive.” The road back from the brink was treacherous and difficult. Kicking his habits did not come easy, as failure was an ... read more

On the Trail of Turkey’s Terrorist Grey Wolves

Besides the attempted papal assassination, the Turkish disclosures could shed light on the collapse ... had been enthusiastic supporters of Hitler during World War II. “The Turkish race above all othe... read more

The Facts About Heroin

On the day Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an apparent heroin overdose, so did roughly 100 other Americans – 100 lives claimed by heroin or some other drug. “Everyone’s talking about him, and we want t... read more

The First and Last Time I Helped a Girl Shoot Up Heroin into Her Veins

To be honest, it was less restrictive than Facebook and Twitter, so expect it to make a comeback when those giants collapse ... who had tattoos and wore Doc Martens before it was the norm. A few of th... read more

Asylum, Again: Why We Need to Stop Punishing the Mentally Ill

was by a 25-year-old man whose autopsy revealed a brain tumor. The shooters at Columbine High School in 1999 were depressed; one died with a drug like Prozac in his blood. Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook in ... read more

Lions and Gazelles

CarrotStick’s actual mission was to make smart drugs that hacked the brain’s reward circuits, and made you addicted to problem-solving, coding, A.I. algorithm design. It had been much harder ... of th... read more

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