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Hillary Clinton Was Not Caught Fibbing About Passover Nc Debateas Far As I Know - Latest News

No, there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease

No, it’s not. I find it quite telling that nowhere in the video does Noel show video of actual Parkinson’s disease tremors or levodopa-induced dyskinesia to compare with Hillary Clinton’s movements .. ... read more

Not Just Foreign Policy - More Clinton First Lady Hype-UPDATED

If you don’t read this whole post, all you need to know is that ... But the claim of Hillary Clinton that As First Lady, she helped pass the Family and Medical Leave Act Well, that is just hype. Let’s ... read more


A debate is raging within ... judicial review process -- the ABA is not exactly a left-wing group, and I think the fact that the president did that also showed that he is tilting far to the right. WOO... read more

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Guest Essay: I went vegan because I survived rape.

“Not tonight,” I finally answered ... Her brow furrows and she turns towards me. “It had butter in it, you know.” I don’t look up, and I scrape caked grease from a pan. She says it’s no big deal, I’ll ... read more

Obama Disavows Pastor's Remarks

"Hillary [Clinton] fits the mold," Wright said, delivering a fiery tirade on how "Hillary never had a cab whiz past her and not pick her up because her skin was the wrong color," and how "Hillary neve... read more

Samantha Bee On Trump's Win: 'I Could Feel This Seismic Shift'

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee makes no bones about the fact that she was caught off guard by Donald Trump's ... that was — everything about it was so unexpected, but I could feel this seismic shift i... read more

A.M. Links: New York Presidential Primary Today, Bernie vs. Hillary, Trump vs. Cruz vs. Kasich

What the polling says: Hillary vs. Bernie. What the polling says: Trump vs. Cruz vs. Kasich. At least 28 people are dead and more than 100 wounded after a suicide car bomber struck in Kabul, Afghanist... read more

Romney Straps Family Dog To Car Roof (Update III)

But as a person, he is a far sight ... the women. Not one. I think the problem is if there isn't room for the dog in the car, maybe the dog should stay home. It's not humane to put a living being on t... read more

Hillary Clinton and the 'Told You So' Calculation

Facing almost impossible odds in her quest to become the Democratic nominee for president, Hillary ... Bill Clinton during a campaign stop over the weekend in South Dakota. "She is winning the general ... read more

Lawrence Summers says BDS movement is ‘persecuting’ Israel

You would never know ... not legally privilege one ethnic group over another and seek to segregate and ethnically-cleanse the second-class group, that the Jewish Question should not be resolved by tak... read more

On Drug Policy, Rand Paul Is Not a Libertarian

I would not be surprised if he did. What we know about Paul and drug policy at this point is ... I'm not in favor of you smoking pot, but if you get caught smoking pot, I don't want to put you in jail ... read more

Chatological Humor: Monthly with Moron (June)

During the heat of battle in 1944, he had passed along a higher general’s order to summarily execute 15 American commandos caught trying ... For all I know, my documents are therefore not legal in Nor... read more

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