A shot for good health

Coronavirus vaccines can reduce disease severity and fatality, but the emergence of new strains has raised questions about their effectiveness and future vaccination strategy. Some vaccine makers are ... read more

Molecular engineered low-cost highly effective RBD-based COVID vaccine

Image Credit: Design_Cells / Shutterstock Sarbecovirus vaccines that can be produced and distributed among low- and middle-income nations are required. Subunit proteinaceous vaccines have been ... read more

FDA vaccine adviser says healthy young people SHOULDN'T get another COVID booster

Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the FDA's Vaccine Advisory Committee, said he's not fully sold that the benefits of a third shot outweigh the harm and the booster has only been tested on lab mice. read more

New study shows Covid-19 vaccines are effective as boosters vs severe outcomes

A newly published review showed that any three-dose schedule including the AstraZeneca vaccine was highly effective at protecting against severe Omicron outcomes (84.8 percent to 89.2 percent). read more

COVID-19 Vaccines

The vaccine has been confirmed as being highly effective in preventing the onset of symptoms even in the elderly and people with underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. read more

Polio in the US: Everything to Know About Vaccines and Boosters

The CDC confirmed vaccine-derived polio circulating in New York. Here's why that's not as scary as it sounds if you were vaccinated as a kid. read more

The mRNA vaccine transformed Pfizer. Here's how the biopharma giant plans to retain its new 'light-speed mentality' and create drugs faster.

The COVID-19 vaccine unlocked the potential of mRNA technology and new ways of approaching problems, a senior vice president told Insider. read more

Could the new malaria vaccine be the most effective way to save lives in history?

While almost all of the winter deaths will be among the elderly, 80 per cent of those dying of malaria are children. Each death leads to several times the number of years of life lost ... read more

Will existing vaccines be effective against current monkeypox variants?

Share on Pinterest Existing vaccinia virus vaccines will be effective against monkeypox ... MVA-BN and ACAM2000 vaccines, to remain highly cross-reactive against the newly observed monkeypox ... read more

AIM Vaccine Announces Proposed Listing on the Main Board of SEHK

AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd. ("AIM Vaccine" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group", stock code: 06660.HK), the second largest vaccine company in China in ... read more

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