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Hes Accused Of Dumping 10000 Gallons Of Used Cooking Oil It Wasnt That He Says - Latest News

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

Conventional nuclear power using a fuel cycle involving uranium-235 and/or plutonium-239 was seen as killing two birds with one stone: reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil ... could be used in ... read more

Hazim's Philadelphia neighborhood


Tesla Model 3 Production Woes, Company Reportedly Slashes Orders For Parts By 40%

“Tesla may delay scheduled weekly shipments of 10,000 parts in March by a few weeks until May or June, the report added.” Reuters reached out to both Hota and Tesla for comment. Neither responded prio... read more

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Judging success of Obama's speech will require two yardsticks

After the theatrics and the rhetoric and the canned responses, two questions remain from President Obama's first State of the Union address: Did he succeed in persuading nervous Democrats not to cut a... read more

Glenn Beck: “I’m probably going to vote for Gary Johnson”

In a brief interview yesterday with jeff4justice of the No More 2 Party System YouTube channel, the increasingly libertarian political commentator and media impresario Glenn Beck was asked whether he ... read more

Report: No Love For Owners’ Proposal

In that scenario, he says, only a select few would receive high salaries while the majority of players would make closer to the league minimum: “It would be a crazy system and at the end of the day we ... read more

How can anything rival the threat of climate change?

Consider this: of all the coal, gas and oil fields that the world's corporations and nations have already quantified and have the legal right to exploit, 80 per cent now needs to stay in the ground if ... read more

Was the Presidential Election Stolen?

The best use of the exit polls is not to oppose or replace the official ... the very people who were responsible for assuring their proper execution.” However, he says he was not too upset by this bec... read more

Jesse Ventura's new book excerpt: what the "government doesn't want you to read"

Jesse Ventura is a guest tonight on "Piers Morgan Tonight," and the wide-ranging interview touches on foreign policy, American politics and conspiracies – a subject he speaks passionately ... The Sixt... read more

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY!

Seems he always schedules his speeches on TV to coincide with my ... It could be Saturday, it could be almost game time, but it wasn't Tennessee football until John said his signature phrase, "It's fo... read more

McCain and Jay Leno Joke About His Age

"My social security number is eight." If he expected to be razzed about his age -- McCain turns 72 on Friday -- he was right. In his monologue, Leno introduced McCain and 41-year-old Olympic swimmer D... read more

The global warming emails non-event

I am a scientist myself, and I’m familiar with the lingo. When we say we used a "trick" to plot data (as one of the hacked emails says), that doesn’t mean we’re doing something to fool people. It mean... read more

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