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Heres Why Credit Scores Are Going Up And How To Know If Yours Is Too - Latest News

Is your credit score below 620? Here are some tips for raising it

Other national surveys, along with an unscientific email survey of a dozen Las Cruces-based mortgage lenders conducted last week by yours truly, showed that lack of a down payment, or a perception the... read more

Why Your Credit Score Suddenly Dropped by 200 Points

“New Credit ... depend on why your score dropped. If it’s that your utilization is too high (you should aim for around 30%), then you can pay off some of your debt. It will typically take around three ... read more

5 Credit Card Mistakes That Could Be Tanking Your Credit Score

Are you using your credit cards the wrong way and hurting your credit score? Find out here ... to go tumbling down. Credit card issuers offer a lot of incentive to get you to open new credit card acco... read more

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How to Protect Your Credit When Buying a New Car

This normally isn’t a problem, but depending on how long your car shopping takes and how many credit checks you authorize, your credit score could end up taking a hit. To make sure this doesn ... read more

How Long It Takes Your Credit Score to Recover from a Drastic Drop

How long does it take for your credit score to rebound from a “soft inquiry?” That’s what Tiffany wants to know for this week’s Money Monday ... How long will it take for my score to go back up? How c... read more

Why Did My Credit Score Drop?

But fear not: there are a variety of perfectly good reasons why your credit score has taken a hit, and in this case, knowledge is power. The more you know about how your credit score operates and what ... read more

How To Become Fantastic With Money This Year

That's why you hear about millionaires going bankrupt. So here is a debriefer on the way to ... you're going to give up on it pretty quickly. 9. Look up your credit score. Better yet, sign up for a si... read more

When Should I Freeze My Credit?

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of what you need to know ... a credit freeze does nothing to prevent fraudulent purchases from being made. If a credit freeze sounds like too much of a hassle and y... read more

Millennial Credit Card Hackers Are Taking Free Travel Perks to a New Extreme — Some of Them Have Up to 50 Cards

He didn’t come up ... their credit cards. Going all in on churning is a big commitment, but there are useful lessons to be gleaned from this community even for more casual card users. Here ... read more

How Credit Card Inactivity Impacts Your Credit Scores

The knee-jerk answer is, “it doesn’t”, but that leaves too ... why you’re a “loss” while you’re inactive. The Indirect Impact of an Inactive Credit Account Eventually, the issuer is going to throw in ... read more

Achieving Perfection – the Highest Credit Score

And in order to know the highest credit score possible, you’d need to know which credit score or credit score model you’re using. There are many, many credit scores on the market today, but for the pu... read more

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

So here's what you need to know. Advertisement We all know (or should know) that when we apply for a car loan, a credit card account, or a lease… Advertisement When the credit bureaus calculate your c... read more

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