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Heres How Often You Should Change Your Toothbrush - Latest News

Your toothbrush is probably more disgusting than you thought — here's how often you should replace it

A New York City dentist says many of his patients never change their toothbrush unless he hands them a new one. How often you should replace your brush depends on how often you use it, but you can tel... read more

How often should you change your toothbrush and other bathroom items

They’re more porous versions of sponges, and if the kitchen sponge study gives you any perspective [wherein German scientists found 362 different types of bacteria on kitchen sponges], you need to cle... read more

Here's how often you should change your toothbrush

Your toothbrush is loaded with more germs than you care to think about. After all, its No. 1 job is digging out leftover food and bacteria from the corners of your mouth, which a 2014 study published ... read more

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Rwanda: Oral Hygiene - Why You Must Change Your Toothbrush Often

"I always tell my patients to change their tooth brush after fourteen days. Besides you should not have one toothbrush in a home," he adds. Ordinarily, when food is eaten, it is broken down into small... read more


This Small Electric Toothbrush Cleans Just as Good as Its Competitors

Many of us don’t know how often we should replace our toothbrushes or we just don’t care. Plus, the number of options on the market right now is daunting. What’s better, manual or electronic? Pink or ... read more

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog's Teeth? Probably More Than You Think

Pet dental health is important, but just how often do you need to brush your dog’s teeth? Ideally, you should be brushing their teeth almost ... Can’t get enough of cats, dogs and other furry friends? ... read more

Pets Can Experience Grief. Here's What You Should Know About It.

Pets often have special bonds with their human and fellow pet ... “The space the other animal or person holds in the dog’s heart is oriented around a routine. So when you change the routine, they’re g... read more

When did you last change your toilet brush?

Google 'How often do you change ... brush to clear up your business. They spent more than 30 hours researching toilet brushes, comparing 41 brush and holder models. But I'm not going to tell you which ... read more

I have a 6-figure job and my husband stays home with the kids — here are the 10 best pieces of advice I can give you about money

I learned all the important foundational lessons about money that you don't ... and goals should be evaluated frequently. But your investment strategy should change infrequently. Why? Smart investment ... read more

It's surprisingly easy for your headphones to damage your hearing

When the rest of the world gets too distracting, it’s tempting to pop in your earbuds, crank up some tunes, and close yourself off to focus better. But if you blast your music too loudly, you may perm... read more

13 Things You Absolutely Should Know Before Getting the Copper IUD

Or you could go the copper route instead. Here ... your IUD is where it should be. But if you can’t, it’s not a reason to immediately assume you’re dealing with an IUD complication like perforation or ... read more

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