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Guild Wars 2 "Structured More Like Other MMOs"

Call me crazy, but I always thought a major pull of Guild Wars was that it wasn't like other massively multiplayer online games. It's not just the GW used a more realistic art style than the dreaded j... read more

MMO Money: Guild Wars 2 Halts Belgium Gem Sale and China Blocks Twitch

Find all of that plus the UK’s gaming charts in this week’s MMO ... other is to use a VPN to make it look like you’re in another country. There was no official announcement from ArenaNet before this h... read more

Returning to Guild Wars 2 – Returning Player Priorities

Guild Wars 2 can be overwhelming ... in a special effect like a stun to the enemy. Defiance bars are only affected by crowd control, such as knock backs and stuns, but also chilling, slowing, blinding ... read more

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How Guild Wars 2’s Mastery System Could Change MMOs Forever

“We feel like there's a little bit more ... with Guild Wars 2 to solve a lot of big problems that we've seen with the MMO genre and I think some of those we successfully tackled,” says Cartwright. “Bu... read more

ArenaNet president discusses careful monetization of Guild Wars 2, the least greedy Western MMO

GamesBeat: When you released Guild Wars in 2005, publishing an MMO without a mandatory subscription fee seemed like ... and other players to trade time for money. I think it’s more fair to allow that. ... read more

Several of Guild Wars 2's Aspects Are Revealed

The new Guild Wars 2 trailer has captured a lot of attention ... “We use a lot less instancing than we have in the past,” Flannum said. “The game is structured much more like other MMOs, with the worl... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

This illustrates how Guild Wars 2 has brought traditional single-player RPG elements closer to the world of MMOs and might have you going back to experience more of it ... a logical choice to have som... read more

Guild Wars 2 Beta Impressions

Those that have grown accustomed to the way in which an MMORPG plays and functions might be put off because, well, change scares people. Yet, those that wish to taste the sweet nectar that is Guild Wa... read more

'Guild Wars': An experiment that worked

“Eye of the North” will also build a bridge to “Guild Wars 2,” whole new game scheduled to release ... “We’re not going to ruin it by making it more like every other MMO on the market.” read more

Staying Connected To Guild Wars 2 On The Go

You can't always be seated in front of your gaming rig playing Guild Wars 2 ... MMO via the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Anyone who has played a massively multiplayer online game seriously unders... read more

Taking Down Bosses in Guild Wars 2's Flame and Frost Retribution Content

Guild Wars 2 needs more dungeons like this. Much like the stellar (and similarly temporary) Super Adventure Box that vanished yesterday, it made me want to return to an MMO I'd kind of burned ... but ... read more

Guild Wars 2: Killing Time Without Killing

Much has been revealed over the last few months about Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet's ambitious MMORPG ... to both make casual players advance more efficiently in the time they are playing (like rested exper... read more

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