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Guild Wars 2 "Structured More Like Other MMOs"

Call me crazy, but I always thought a major pull of Guild Wars was that it wasn't like other massively multiplayer online games. It's not just the GW used a more realistic art style than the dreaded j... read more

Guild Wars 2 - A Merry New Wintersday Experience

The Holidays aren’t just approaching, they are here, and with them they bring a fresh new Guild Wars 2 Wintersday experience for all the ... Jolly Donny will open the way to the interior where none ot... read more

Learning to love ‘Guild Wars 2’ as an MMO newcomer

As several other human players ... cooperation like these convinced me that value is held in the social interactions of an MMO. While the always-online nature of the genre might not always enhance its ... read more

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Why Guild Wars 2's Structured PvP is Superior to Most

Guild Wars 2, however, does things a bit differently in its structured PvP system ... These are also available within the Mists, allowing for a more “zerg-like” approach to experimenting with builds. ... read more

Guild Wars 2 - Review

And not only can you now jump, but moving and dodging make the gameplay more ... other players, passing as necessary. There are a number of other local competitive activities, and most are great fun. ... read more

‘Guild Wars 2’ Initial Impressions

From Diablo 3’s DRM debacle to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s failure to sustain itself under a subscription-based model, it has been proven to gamers that the MMO ... other likeminded players. The way ... read more

Several of Guild Wars 2's Aspects Are Revealed

The new Guild Wars 2 trailer has captured a lot of attention ... “We use a lot less instancing than we have in the past,” Flannum said. “The game is structured much more like other MMOs, with the worl... read more

ArenaNet president discusses careful monetization of Guild Wars 2, the least greedy Western MMO

GamesBeat: When you released Guild Wars in 2005, publishing an MMO without a mandatory subscription fee seemed like ... and other players to trade time for money. I think it’s more fair to allow that. ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Modded With Mouselook-Enabling “Combat Mod”, ArenaNet Disapproves

... into a “true action combat game” has gone viral in the Guild Wars 2 community. The game is typically played as a more fast-paced variation on the combat systems offered by other MMOs like World of ... read more

Staying Connected To Guild Wars 2 On The Go

You can't always be seated in front of your gaming rig playing Guild Wars 2 ... MMO via the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Anyone who has played a massively multiplayer online game seriously unders... read more

Why Guild Wars 2 Probably Won't Have a Level Cap Increase

Guild Wars 2 employs what we consider as a ... take part in anything and everything. With things like the new Mastery system coming, it further pushes the idea that there is not going to be a level ca... read more

‘Guild Wars 2’ Review

More than in almost any other MMO since EverQuest, Guild Wars 2 is centered around the idea of setting players loose on a wide open world and letting them figure out how they would like to tackle ... ... read more

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