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Guild Wars 2 "Structured More Like Other MMOs"

Call me crazy, but I always thought a major pull of Guild Wars was that it wasn't like other massively multiplayer online games. It's not just the GW used a more realistic art style than the dreaded j... read more

Guild Wars 2 Developer Interview on the Festival of the Four Winds

Matthew Medina, Designer: Like many players, this is something that many of us on the development team are certainly interested in, but right now our focus is on continuing the story of Guild Wars 2 a... read more

The Journey So Far

Since returning to Guild ... other, what’s going on zone by zone, you feel like you are in a true living world. Something is constantly going on with the events or bosses to take down and the communit... read more

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Learning to love ‘Guild Wars 2’ as an MMO newcomer

As several other human players ... cooperation like these convinced me that value is held in the social interactions of an MMO. While the always-online nature of the genre might not always enhance its ... read more

How Guild Wars 2’s Mastery System Could Change MMOs Forever

“We feel like there's a little bit more ... with Guild Wars 2 to solve a lot of big problems that we've seen with the MMO genre and I think some of those we successfully tackled,” says Cartwright. “Bu... read more

ArenaNet! Bring It Back!

Rather than produce an instance, like so many other MMOs ... after Guild Wars 2 launched, the team at ArenaNet made their first stab at creating a truly living world. For many of you that didn’t live ... read more

ArenaNet president discusses careful monetization of Guild Wars 2, the least greedy Western MMO

GamesBeat: When you released Guild Wars in 2005, publishing an MMO without a mandatory subscription fee seemed like ... and other players to trade time for money. I think it’s more fair to allow that. ... read more

How to Do Just About Anything in Guild Wars 2

There are 9 crafting disciplines in Guild Wars 2. They allow you to create armor, weapons, jewelry, foods, and more. Crafting can only be done ... Shannon first discovered MMOs in 1999 when she picked ... read more

Several of Guild Wars 2's Aspects Are Revealed

The new Guild Wars 2 trailer has captured a lot of attention ... “We use a lot less instancing than we have in the past,” Flannum said. “The game is structured much more like other MMOs, with the worl... read more

“Guild Wars 2” conjures some magic with lesbian romance

This past week, something majorly queer happened in the popular PC game Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars is an MMORPG ... Kind of like watching two of your friends finally realizing they are meant for each ot... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

Like ... Guild Wars 2 contains many items, it’s not the style of game where having a powerful item determines success or failure. It’s more about skill in battle than never-ending statistical bloat, w... read more

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire takes a different approach to the loyal mount

The wolf-like Jackal, meanwhile, can teleport short distances. So you’re going to want to consider more than just their appearance when you choose your mount. This sets it apart from other MMOs ... ea... read more

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