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Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide – How To Steal

Every profession in Guild Wars 2 has some unique abilities that set them apart from other professions, and in the case of the Thief, that unique talent is the ability to steal. The Thief’s ability to ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Thief profession revealed

Toward the end of January, ArenaNet revealed the very first Guild Wars 2 exclusive class -- the Guardian. Dedicated healing classes have been eliminated from the upcoming MMO in favor of self-sufficie... read more

Guild Wars 2 Reveals Thief Class

A new trailer from Guild Wars 2 showing off the new thief class and its shapeshifting abilities that previewed last week at the GDC has finally made its way onto the web. The trailer begins with a hum... read more

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Guild Wars 2: Are Thief Critical Hits Really Overpowered?

If you're looking for a roamer class on your team comp and wondering who that could be, make it a thief. Whether or not Arena Net will nerf this build really depends on the other classes, I guess. In ... read more

BLOG: The Riippa Report – Guild Wars 2 Gets Thieves, Release Date

NCsoft and ArenaNet unleashed another Guild Wars 2 demo at PAX East, honoring the Norn race and the previously unveiled thief and guardian professions, at the Alienware, NVIDIA, and Logitech booths. T... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

This was a new and ambitious idea at the time, and as fate would have it, Guild Wars went on to have 3 expansions and sold 6 million units of the core game – the gamble definitely paid off. Guild Wars ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Thief Stealth Guide – Related Skills and Traits

Stealth is one of the thief’s most powerful tools in Guild Wars 2, allowing them to strike from the shadows or to run away if the fight isn’t going in their favor. Stealth allows the thief to be invis... read more

Guild Wars 2 Gets More Details on Reward Tracks and the Megaserver Feature

ArenaNet concluded the first season of its living world last month, ending it with the death of the arch-villain Scarlet Briar, after a year of plotting and fighting, finally liberating the world of T... read more

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Expansion Coming on September 22nd

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 is still going strong as a free to play MMORPG and will ... New mounts are also in store including a raptor and new specializations for each class. For example, the Thief gets ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Announces New Elite Character Class: The Daredevil

Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion Heart of Thorns will feature an elite character class for thief players called the “daredevil.” Thief characters have relied on evasion for survivability in combat, a... read more

Guild Wars 2 Gets Massive Systems Update, Introducing Wardrobe and Trait Overhaul

With the death of the main arch-villain Scarlet Briar last month, the first season of Guild Wars 2's living world ended, after spanning almost a year in a plethora of updates introducing new narrative ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Unveiled

According to the press release, the thief is described like this: "As a master of stealth and surprise, the thief is deadly in single combat – particularly when catching enemies off guard. Thieves com... read more

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