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... Gravimetric Tunneling Field Oscillator Level 2 Applied 0/8 Gravimetric Tunneling Field Oscillator Level 2 Upgrades Domain of Kourna Griffon Expert: Gold Earn this achievement by opening the gold ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Season 2 resumes today with Living Story update 'Echoes of the Past' and the Silverwastes

Today is finally the day, Guild Wars 2 players, that we see a new Living Story update ... a new area in the Maguuma Wastes nearer to Mordremoth’s domain. Players must be on guard when reporting to ... read more

Long Live the Lich!

While Kourna was always impressive, Guild Wars 2 has given it a bit of a facelift ... The trudge through the cells, which we glimpsed in the recent trailer for Long Live the Lich, becomes particularly ... read more

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How to Beat a YouTube ContentID Copyright Claim What every Gamer and MCN Should Know

Background Music: Don’t play your own background music that’s not in the public domain. Turning on Spotify ... For example, AngryJoe included just a short clip from a cinematic trailer for Guild Wars ... read more

Titan Quest Updated Hands-On - The Masteries of Titan Quest

THQ recently was kind enough to drop off the latest preview version of Titan Quest ... The system is set up so that it's similar to Guild Wars, with that game's many unique combinations of classes. ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Writers Fired After Twitter Exchange, Who’s Really at Fault Here?

In the case of Guild Wars 2, that meant disaster for two developers ... Twitter is a social media platform and that by definition stands for a public domain. Anything you post from your account is ... read more

Guild Wars 2

NCSoft has released a new Manifesto Video for Guild Wars 2. This video is chock-full of the innovative gameplay showing how the devs are mak... Giving an in-depth look at the feline warriors known as ... read more

Guild Wars 2 world selection and transfers explained

In preparation for the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event, set to take place this weekend, developer ArenaNet has detailed how the home-world selection and world transfers to work. When first ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Mount Racing Making a Mountain out of a Wurmhill

My skeleton bashing was interrupted, this time, by the addition of a mount race in the Mad King’s domain. A relatively small slither ... is where mount racing begins for most of us in Guild Wars 2. ... read more

New Guild Wars Nightfall Elite Mission Soon

The peeps at ArenaNet let us know that this weekend, the Domain of Anguish will open for Guild Wars players who have finished the Nightfall installment. "Players will find four separate areas to ... read more

ArenaNet To Take “Wait and See” Attitude to Dungeon Balancing

It’s already known that ArenaNet have been sitting back on things, boiling down to a “wait and see” method for their endgame content and other parts of Guild Wars 2. As it turns out ... [original ... read more

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Malyck, a sylvari that was not born from the Pale Tree, originated from the direction of Magus Falls, indicating a second 'Pale Tree' in the region. So far no evidence of Malyck's tree has been found, ... read more

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