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Guild Wars 2: How To Earn XP Fast

As with all MMO titles, you’ll be needing to earn a lot of experience points (XP) in order for your character to level up. Good thing about ... through the world in Guild Wars 2. They are a bit simila... read more

Guild Wars 2 Does Away With Flawed Quest Systems

At ArenaNet, we believe this is NOT good enough. In Guild Wars 2 ... if you don't stop them! ArenaNet is taking their claims of a living, breathing world quite serious. Quests will have actual, visibl... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

Guild Wars 2‘s character creation gives you the option to choose from 5 different races; Asura, Human, Norn, Charr and the newest race Sylvari. All of which have their own unique starting area and rac... read more

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Q&A: Making microtransactions work for players in Guild Wars 2

It was a great chat, and we've transcribed some of the more key insights from Cox about making good microtransactions below. And if you want to review our full conversation with her, you can part 1 an... read more

Guild Wars 2 Dragon’s Reach Part 1 Out, Elder Dragon Mordremoth Goes on a Rampage

Guild Wars 2 players ... and change as your adventures continue in Episodes 3 and 4, and search through Buried Locked Chests for a chance at one of three new Kites! The Ventari Follower, Prosperity Mi... read more

Guild Wars 2 challenges MMO establishment with hybrid business model (preview)

Guild ... good number of veteran MMO role-playing games out there that are free to download. The Lord of the Rings comes to mind and now even the relatively new (and pretty) Aion is joining the free-t... read more

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Review – Back to the Desert

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire ... from quest givers. Still, hardcore MMO fans will find lack of any real significant end-game content or raids is a bit of a letdown. This is one area where Guild Wars 2 h... read more

Guild Wars 2’s Cultural Revolution

Players who complete quests receive “karma,” which works ... the exploitation can be mitigated by laws and regulations. Guild Wars 2 is built around the idea that people are fundamentally good, so the... read more

Cooler Master SK650 Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

You won’t be creating super-intricate animations like the Corsair K70 RGB is famous for, but you can create something that looks good in no time flat ... The last game I tested with was Guild Wars 2. ... read more

Ten Things You Need to Know about EverQuest Next Classes

There’s no limit to the number of classes you can collect, but Lead Game Designer Darrin McPherson has revealed that some of your choices as a character may affect your access to classes. (For instanc... read more

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer PvP and PvE Guide – Tips and Strategy

PvE – When start out as a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2, take stock of your weapons and abilities ... skills are ranged and get better as the distance between you and your opponent increases. Having good, up ... read more

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