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Guild Wars 2: Analyzing Requiem

After the last Living Story update, ArenaNet also released what looks to be three short stories about three characters who have played significant parts in our journey. This series is being called All ... read more

A requiem for Guild Wars 2's iconic city of Lion's Arch in today's content release

The great city of Lion's Arch is under a devastating attack today with the release of Guild Wars 2's latest content update, Escape From Lion's Arch. Sylvari supervillain Scarlet Briar has unleashed ... read more

Cleaving a Path Through the Guild Wars 2 Beta

But that allows me to enter into this analysis with a fresh perspective, and I should be able to assess if Guild Wars 2 might be able to attract new players. In short, I believe it definitely can and ... read more

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Guild Wars 2's economist treats us to beta analysis infographics

For Guild Wars 2, that man is John Smith. He recently whipped up a blog post full of colorful charts and graphs visualizing data that was collected about Tyria's economy over the course of the beta. ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Economy Review

This review is not meant to be comprehensive, as that would be too long to publish on Gamasutra and I don't put those kinds of analysis into the public space. I had some basic familiarity with Guild ... read more

Guild Wars 2 demolishes bot population, 34,000 accounts terminated

The mass banning is “a decisive blow” in the battle against the bots, said Mike Lewis, Guild Wars 2’s security coordinator ... However, Lewis went on to say that the process of data analysis had been ... read more

Newest Guild Wars 2 reveal includes human history and video

Visit the Guild Wars 2 site for further information on the human race, and keep your eyes open for next Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles for our analysis of Human Week! ... read more

Video game art swiped this week by Beijing hockey team, Ford dealership

(Props to Guild Wars 2 fan galveyra2 for the specific image analysis posted above.) 😒 Ahh, remember when Henry and Delilah were excited about the Ford Freedom Sales Event? #ripoffexpress @camposanto ... read more

ArenaNet terminated 1,600 Guild Wars 2 bot accounts; will be detecting and banning more every day

ArenaNet have detailed the work that’s gone into detecting and banning bots in Guild Wars 2. The mainstay of goldfarmers and real ... who will be helping us create more effective tools for analyzing ... read more

EVGA GTX 1070 Ti FTW2: Overclocking for the Masses

Simply click yes and software will ask if you want to do a quick run through using known good overclock profiles, or a full analysis ... Destiny 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Black Desert Online gave ... read more

Video Game Deep Cuts: Octopath's DOS Demake

The New Vid Economy: Making A Living From Crowdfunded Game Analysis (Jacob Geller / Game Informer - ARTICLE ... ArenaNet ‘folded like a cheap card table,’ says fired Guild Wars 2 writer (Colin ... read more

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