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Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory: A Place To Explore The Wonders Of The Cosmos And Origins Of Life - Latest News

Gravity Discovery Centre observatory: a place to explore the wonders of the cosmos and origins of life

He now spends his days, and frequently his Friday and Saturday nights, leading visitors through the Gravity Discovery Centre observatory ... of life by simply learning about what is out there. "It's f... read more

Gravitational Waves Detected 100 Years After Einstein’s Prediction

This confirms a major prediction of Albert Einstein’s 1915 general theory of relativity and opens an unprecedented new window onto the cosmos. Gravitational waves carry information about their dramati... read more

Update: meteorite from California fireball recovered

And with an actual piece of that asteroid in hand, we can learn more about what conditions are like in parts of space we would otherwise have to send probes to explore. It’s planetary science, and we ... read more

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Science fiction was around in medieval times – here's what it looked like

Scholars have started to reveal the convergence of science, technology and the imagination in medieval literary culture, demonstrating that this era could be characterised by inventiveness and a preoc... read more

Stephen Hawking dies peacefully aged 76 at his Cambridge home

Lucy, 47 and Tim, 38, were seen leaving Hawking's house in the centre of Cambridge ... The Universe With Stephen Hawking, The Discovery Channel, 2010. On euthanasia: 'The victim should have the right ... read more

5 Crucial Reasons to Teach Creationism in Public Schools

Academic freedom is what brought the theory of evolution to the classrooms in the first place and so what is wrong with the idea of allowing others to provide their views on how life came into being a... read more

Chasing Pluto

NARRATOR: Chasing Pluto ... to the discovery. NARRATOR: After patiently searching for almost a year, a determined Clyde finally found a tiny dot slowly moving across the night sky. Can you see it? Her... read more

Hubble Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Spectacular New Images

For the 15th anniversary, scientists used the ACS to record ... and has provided proof that an unseen force called "dark energy" dominates the cosmos. Here is a synopsis of the Earth-orbiting observat... read more

An ultradeep image that's *full* of galaxies!

It’s usually caused when a nearby galaxy’s gravity torques on the stars in the disk.] These images were taken with VISTA, the European Southern Observatory’s Visible ... our tools improve and our abil... read more

Oral Tradition and the Game of Telephone: A.N. Sherwin-White’s Famous Quote

While some epistles were written earlier, the details Paul gives about the life of Jesus can be summarized in one very short paragraph (more here). How can we dismiss the possibility that any actual h... read more

NOVA Wonders

And in this episode, NOVA Wonders: What are Animals Saying ... CATHERINE HOBAITER: Trying to understand their communication means understanding their behavior, their life, everything that goes on here ... read more

Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction

An aerial view of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO ... unprecedented new window to the cosmos. Gravitational waves carry information about their dramatic origins and about ... read more

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