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Google Nexus 9 Review: Fantastic Software In A Forgettable Showcase - Latest News

Google Nexus 9 review: fantastic software in a forgettable showcase

My reservations about the Nexus 9 began shortly before my fingertips graced its ill-fitting, trampoline-like back cover. We’d heard rumors that Google’s next stock-Android tablet would arrive as a mor... read more

OnePlus One review: Sublime in almost every way

The best handset, both in terms of the hardware and software experience ... “stock” Android experience can rival a Nexus device. There are some downsides though. The One is an enormous smartphone (152 ... read more

Nexus 4 reviewed: A fantastic phone, even without LTE

Google(s goog) is continuing to push its direct-to-consumer Android brand with the Nexus 4 smartphone built by LG. The handset showcases the new Android 4.2 software ... 9 Mbps, and uploads approachin... read more

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Google Nexus 7 review: The best of both worlds

With the company's Android operating system thriving in the sector, it was only a matter of time before it rolled out a first-party device to showcase new iterations. Enter the Google ... with softwar... read more

Review: Google's entry into smartphone design has some very cool features

Apple learned early on that controlling entire hardware and software systems was the way to go, but Google seemed content to just work on the software end. Sure, there were a few forgettable Google-br... read more

Google Pixel XL Review

The Nexus Imprint ... a phone blessed by Google carries features that shall remain exclusive to it. While a full run down of Android 7.1 deserves its own review (coming soon), for now we’ll focus on s... read more

Hot Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, and Systems

Read our review here. Google Pixel - Starting at $789 We haven't had a chance to look at the Pixel yet, but judging by the near-unanimous raves for it, Google has really improved the phone over its al... read more

What I Want From A Motorola Nexus Phone

After all, wouldn’t the obvious way to showcase this new relationship be taking full advantage of Motorola’s engineering chops and Google’s software ... the next Nexus with just such a display. While ... read more

Is this the future of productivity? Hands on with the Nexus 9 keyboard cover

It was only mentioned briefly because it wasn’t available back in November, but now Google has sent a unit to me for review and ... and associated software suite that focuses on productivity and multi... read more

9 times Apple and Google made fun of each other, from iPhone antennas to Nexus slating

Apple and Google used to have brilliantly different approaches to the world of personal tech: one private and expensive, one open and cheap. But as Apple has focused on software and ... Apple's Phil S... read more

The Xiaomi Mi A1 shows that many prefer stock Android to custom interfaces such as MIUI

Nexus devices gradually stopped being affordable, gave way to the Pixel brand name, and eventually became a showcase of just what is possible with clean, unadulterated and up-to-date software. However ... read more

Google Updates Search App For Android With Camera Voice Commands So You Don’t Miss A Shot Or Video Memory

Somewhere in the land of missed opportunities are millions, if not billions of fantastic ... a video.' Google will launch your camera app in the preferred mode," Google announced on its social network ... read more

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