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Google Has Figured Out A Way To Detect When Strangers Are Sneaking A Peek At Your Phone - Latest News

Google Has Figured Out a Way to Detect When Strangers Are Sneaking a Peek at Your Phone

With all the data that’s constantly sent and received by our phones, there’s been an ever-increasing focus on combating viruses, malware, and other online attacks, to the point that we sometimes forge... read more

Google Opens Up About How Its Cloud Stores Your Secrets

Urs Holzle, Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure at Google, speaks on the Google Cloud Platform during the Google I/O Developers Conference Photo: Stephen Lam (Getty) Google Cloud has a ... read more

Beware Dr Google! People who use internet to diagnose illness 'can't interpret their own symptoms'

Many people may believe that the internet has made it easier for us to discover what is wrong when we are sick. But new research suggests that using Google to diagnose illnesses could in fact be a ver... read more

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Baggage Check Live: "Slow burn for the win!"

Might there also be a part of you that has trouble taking off your work hat ... Dr. Andrea Bonior Another way to answer if OP is looking for an out. My lovely wife had the spark the first time we met. ... read more


Google’s New App Stops Your Android Phone From Sucking Up Too Much Data

And for those times when you don’t want to blow up your data cap, Datally has handy feature that points out all the nearest ... don’t expect Google to release a version of this app on iOS anytime soon ... read more

The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever

Producer and host Lea Thau’s show Strangers ... our friendship and figure out how to do that." 1. WTF With Marc Maron, “Louis C.K.” (2010) Older episodes of WTF are generally behind a paywall, but to ... read more

Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center Will NOT Allow Her To Take Adderall!

Guess Lindsay Lohan will be high-tailing it out of rehab and moseying down to that nearby liquor ... Because yes, folks. Somehow, some way, she considers the last ten years of her life having "worked" ... read more

Google ‘robomedics’ spot disease faster than doctors

Artificial intelligence developed by Google could soon be used to diagnose disease ... It is thought that the technology, which has been programmed to detect signs of disease such as glaucoma, age rel... read more

The more your kitchen evolves, the more it stays the same

Maybe 3B is heating up leftovers, while 3C has had the slow cooker going all day. Meanwhile, the couple in 3D grabbed pizza on the way home, and 3E is unbagging ... Alexa to set a timer without pullin... read more

Sacrificing liberty in the pursuit of security

Security and law enforcement do not, at present, require a warrant to access your metadata so it's fairly easy to obtain ... and it's worth appreciating the social climate that has enabled surveillanc... read more

Razer's Powerhouse Phone for Gamers Is Delightfully Different

So for its first phone, Razer did something a bit sneaky and made a handset for phone nerds instead of your average gamer ... But by going after enthusiasts, Razer has a chance to stand out from the A... read more

Parents Must Take Responsibility For What Their Kids Eat

He says he often “couldn't decline if [h]e wanted to” because he’s sometimes not around when these adults give his kids foods he doesn’t approve of, and so he’ll “keep pointing out how crazy our new n... read more

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