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Genetically Engineered 3d Human Muscle Transplant In A Murine Model - Latest News

Genetically engineered 3-D human muscle transplant in a murine model

Representative 3D confocal images ... prior to translating the genetically engineered vascularized 3-D muscle grafts to a clinical setting. More information: Luba Perry et al. Genetically engineered h... read more

Transplanting pig kidneys in humans, 3D organ printing and other futuristic innovations to solve the organ shortage

Among the promising pursuits: advancing stem cell research in an effort to heal damaged organ tissue; developing biofabrication techniques in an effort to fast-track the 3D manufacturing of human ... ... read more

3D Printed Human Organs and the Debate on Applicable Patent Law

Perhaps the most significant of these challenges involves the human biology, and the need to integrate patient-specific data to model and engineer a tissue structure that will not be rejected by the h... read more

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Partnership Puts IU Closer to 3D Printing Transplantable Organs

for human transplantation. The IU researchers use genetically-engineered pig liver cells to 3D print pig liver models. “We can [3D] print the miniature pig organ models within a day, grow and mature t... read more

3Scan Hosts San Francisco Biotech Showcase with Prellis Biologics and Announces Real Human Tissue Structures for R&D Bioprinting with the Holograph-X

Additionally, cutting edge technology from Scaled Biolabs, QuantumCyte, and Ravata Solutions will be on display, groundbreaking companies in stem cell differentiation, single cell sequencing, and gene... read more

Cellectis: Finding Value In A Crowded CAR-T Space

Introduction The "CAR" component of a CAR-T cell refers to the engineered antibody-derived receptor that is expressed in human T-cells in vitro - allowing ... validated in vitro and in an aggressive m... read more

3D Bioprinters Could Make Enhanced, Electricity-Generating 'Superorgans'

You can bioprint "an organ that is going to be part of the human body and generate electricity that can run the heart." Already, a 3D ... mini organ model lighting a bulb might be feasible in five yea... read more

Mouse model of human immune system inadequate for stem cell studies

Optimized models are ... the animals have been engineered to have a human, rather than a murine, immune system. Researchers have relied upon the animals for decades to study, among other things, the i... read more

Researchers engineer therapeutic skin grafts for diabetic mice

Therapeutic human ... to the point where 3D skin organoids can be grown in vitro, research groups are exploring other clinical uses for the technology. One hurdle has been a lack of mouse models for t... read more

6 Predictions for the Next 10 Years of Biotech

But the holy grail of tissue engineering, engineered vascular organs will begin transplant studies within the next decade. More immediately relevant is the adoption of 3D tissue use in therapeutics sc... read more

Human tissues in a dish: The research and ethical implications of organoid technology

Growing functional human tissues and organs would provide ... disease research strategies commonly involve the generation of animal models. Laboratory animals, typically mice, are genetically modified ... read more

Stem Cells: the Basics

A form of gene therapy has been combined with stem cell transplant to cure the rare childhood condition known as "Bubble Boy" disease, or severe combined immunodeficiency. Recently, grafts from geneti... read more

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