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Adding Disks - Level 3 of the Stairway to SQL Server on Linux

The next step is to create the physical volumes on LVM ... GO -- List database files properties SELECT * FROM sys.database_files Well done! In the next level we’ll play with this SQL Server instance a... read more

2 ways to attach SQL Server database files to Linux containers

Figure 2: The SQL Server database files stored in the MSSQLDBs directory's data folder ... You can use the following Docker command to create a volume, which I've named MSSQLDBvol in this case: docker ... read more

How to Read Data From LDF Files in SQL Server

SQL Server stores all the transactional information of each database in LDF (.ldf) files. In today’s post, I am going to discuss transaction logs and LDF files. Also, we will learn how to read data fr... read more

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Shrink Oversized Data Files in Microsoft SQL Server

If possible, consider running database in simple recovery mode (by executing the SQL statement ... static data files and install some sort of monitoring (like Cerberus) that will notify when space is ... read more

Generate documents from SQL Server

SQL Server is helping enterprises to build mission-critical applications with high-performance, in-memory security technology across OLTP (online transaction processing), data warehousing, business in... read more

KubeCon 2018: The Return of SQL

... parts of JSON documents (like json_set in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite or json_modify in SQL Server). This will have to be addressed in a future version in order to allow interoperability between ... read more

Processing XML files with SQL Server functions

I have used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Data Transformation Services (DTS) and a self-written Windows application to read and load files. My favorite technique ... The first step of the pr... read more

What's New in SQL Server 2012

integrates the SQL Server Database Engine with the NTFS file system, providing a means for storing unstructured data (such as documents, images, and videos) with the database storing a pointer to the ... read more

Using FileTables in SQL Server 2012

and to perform FullText search on files in the specified folder. The FileTable feature builds on FileStream and HiearchyID, which were introduced in SQL Server 2008. To demonstrate this feature, I'll ... read more

Build and Fill a Database Using JSON and SQL Change Automation

We can generate a JSON schema for the JSON files from our new database because any SQL Server database knows what it can 'eat'. We can easily get that information, and we can add additional ... read more

Using SQL Server's XML Support

To get started accessing SQL Server via HTTP, you should set up an IIS virtual directory using the Configure IIS Support menu option in the SQLXML program folder. Of course, you can retrieve XML data ... read more

Execute R and Python in SQL Server From Jupyter Notebooks

Instead of transferring large and sensitive data over the network or losing accuracy with sample csv files ... Import revoscalepy, Create a sql compute context, and then send the execution of any func... read more

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