General Motors plant in Michigan in lockdown after an employee shoots dead his co-worker after an argument

The suspect is in custody but the plant in Lake Orion remains closed off. Neither the suspect nor the victim has been identified. FOX News reports that both were employees at the plant. read more

General Motors plant shut down after one man dies in ‘altercation’, Michigan police say

General Motors plant shut down after one man dies in ‘altercation’, Michigan police say - Production paused for day amid homicide investigation ... read more

Russia doubles number of air strikes on Ukraine positions, infrastructure -Ukrainian general

Russia has doubled the number of air strikes on Ukraine's military positions and civilian infrastructure compared with the previous week, Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov said on Thursday. read more

A General Relativity Rabbit Hole: Unraveling Space, Time and the Fourth Dimension

In 1916, Einstein announced his holy grail theory of general relativity. Basically, Einstein realized that space is much more than the "space" we live in and that time transcends the clocks we've ... read more

What happens next in the New York attorney general’s inquiry?

Trump’s decision to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination leaves the New York attorney general, Letitia James, with a crucial decision: whether to sue Mr. Trump or to seek a ... read more

Trump took Fifth Amendment more than 440 times in refusing to answer New York attorney general's questions

Trump has raged over the New York attorney general's probe, an FBI raid on his Florida home Mar-a-Lago and investigations into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. read more

1 dead after dispute between 2 people at Michigan General Motors assembly plant

The company said production at the Lake Orion plant, which builds electric vehicles, will be canceled Thursday. read more

Trump says he invoked fifth amendment in New York attorney general’s investigation: ‘I declined to answer’ – as it happened

In lengthy statement, Trump says he refused to answer questions during deposition as part of inquiry into real estate dealings ... read more

Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general

Former President Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and declined to answer questions from the New York attorney general at a scheduled deposition Wednesday. read more

Donald Trump Says He Pleaded the Fifth While Under Oath in N.Y. Attorney General's Civil Investigation

Former President Donald Trump declined to answer questions while under oath at the New York state attorney general's office on Wednesday, instead invoking his Fifth Amendment right, he said ... read more

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