Gender-Neutral Toys for Children Gain Ground, but Opposition Persists

New efforts are under way to eliminate gender bias from toys, a longstanding issue for some companies, parents and advocates. read more

Fashion Is Playing A Much-Needed Role In The Gender Neutrality Movement

Instead, we are entering—and creating—a society in which gender is seen as a sliding scale, not a binary. As such, it’s no surprise that gender-neutral trends have been on the rise over the past five ... read more

Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood is branded transphobic for sharing newspaper op-ed blasting gender neutral language that's used to replace the word 'woman'

Atwood on Tuesday kicked a hornet's nest by tweeting a link to an op ed in The Toronto Star, entitled: 'Why can't we say 'woman' anymore?' The Canadian novelist was accused of transphobia. read more

Gender-neutral pronouns are a feminist icon that help boost women and LGBT+ people, says science

Using gender-neutral pronouns makes people more feminist, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. read more

Using Gender Neutral Language

"MCC backs gender-neutral terminology, changes 'batsman' to 'batter' in Laws of Cricket The Lord's-based Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the sole authority on the laws of cricket since it was founded ... read more

‘We’d love no pink or blue’: the rise of gender-neutral toys

There are concerns gendered toys such as pink play kitchens or construction sets depicting images of boys are restricting children’s psychological and emotional development. read more

Paul Pogba: Manchester United star designs vegan, gender-neutral boot

Manchester United and France midfielder Paul Pogba collaborates with fashion designer Stella McCartney to create a fully vegan football boot. read more

Gender neutral fashion increases due to a surge in LGBTQ+ awareness

Fashion outlets in Manchester are increasingly selling gender neutral clothing so their products are accessible to everyone. Since the 1960s ... read more

'Handmaid's Tale' Author Margaret Atwood Faces Backlash for Gender Neutrality Tweet

"I'm nonbinary. I also menstruate and gave birth to 3 kids. Saying 'people with periods' includes women AND me," responded author Amanda Jetté Knox. read more

Lego’s return to gender neutral toys is good news for all kids. Our research review shows why

Lego announced this week it would work to remove gender stereotypes from its brand, including no longer marketing toys distinctly to boys or girls and ensuring products are gender-neutral. This move ... read more

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