15 Tenets Of Gender Neutral Decor And How To Nail The Look For Every Room Of Your Home listicle

This has led designers and DIYers to seek out gender-neutral design ideas in order to build spaces that every resident (and visitor) will feel comfortable in. One-Stop Customized Solution For All ... read more

Gender-Neutral Trend Catches on in Korea

Cosmetics brand Laka sells gender-neutral makeup and its ads feature both men and women using its lipsticks, tints and eye shadow. There are no separate products for men and women. "Our aim is to send ... read more

As Rajya Sabha Drops 'No Sir', a Look at Some Other Global Attempts Towards Gender-neutral Language

As Rajya Sabha looks to adopt more gender-neutral terms, News18 takes a look at other international bodies around the world who promote inclusivity ... read more

Gender-neutral social security crucial for enhancing women’s labour force participation — study

Gender-neutral social security is key to increasing women’s labour participation, according to a study.A research on gender gap in social security, conducted by JoWomenomics through the Feminist ... read more

Rajya Sabha Drops 'No Sir', Will Address Members In Gender Neutral Terms

In a landmark decision, the Rajya Sabha has decided to drop phrases such as "No Sir", and has directed members to use inclusive language through gender-neutral terms. read more

Rajya Sabha to drop ‘no sir,’ introduce gender neutral language

The decision came as a reply to a letter written by Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi seeking to change the usage of phrases such as 'no sir' which is ... read more

Cotton grills Air Force over diversity training replacing 'mom' and 'dad' with gender-neutral terms

Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton sent a letter to the Academy superintendent, demanding answers regarding the reported "diversity and inclusion" training for cadets. read more

“No, Sir” No More, Parliament Makes Gender Neutral Rule After Sena MP’s Letter

MP Chaturvedi raised a concern that required some steps to facilitate a gender neutral approach while addressing fellow parliamentarians during sessions. The Sena MP received a reply from Swarabji B. read more

‘Manned’ is banned as National Grid launches gender neutral push

The FTSE 100 company in charge of matching supply and demand on the nation’s electricity system has taken on another balancing act: gender neutral language. National Grid’s electricity system operator ... read more

Maintenance provisions under Hindu Marriage Act are gender-neutral: Bombay High Court

The High Court bench at Nagpur has remitted the matter back to the Family Court after it noted that the court decided divorce plea before deciding wife's maintenance application. The Nagpur bench of ... read more

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