Balmain to launch gender-neutral fine jewellery

Balmain Fine Jewellery is partnering with the Adorisa Group, established in Paris in 2021 and helmed by former De Beers Jewellers chief executive François ... read more

No 'sir', 'ma'am' in Kerala school, students to use gender-neutral term 'teacher'

A Kerala school has asked students not to call teachers by 'sir' or 'ma'am' and only use the gender-neutral address 'teacher'. read more

Ranked: The Most Popular Gender-Neutral Names in 2022

These 20 baby names are going to be huge in 2022. Amari as a name not only transcends gender, but also language and nationality. In Japan, it’s a surname meaning “surplus,” referring to an old census ... read more

Servers in the comments felt their peers should default to gender-neutral greetings.

A woman on TikTok left a note and small tip for her Indianapolis restaurant server after the waitress repeatedly misgendered her boyfriend. read more

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral, breaking news, photos, comments, social media posts on this topic. "I have no problem if my child grows up not feeling an affinity with the gender they were born with" ... read more

Gender-neutral nursery inspiration: Tips from an interior designer

If you want to be a bit more inventive with your kid’s room, we’ve got some tips and ideas from interior designer Sylvia James. Who doesn’t love stargazing? Using a night sky motif is ... read more

Here’s Why Brands Are Going Gender Neutral in the Kitchen

We live in the golden age of collaborations, and brands are melding products to bring together fans across various mediums—specifically, giving common kitchen goods a fresh design twist in an effort ... read more

No More Sir Or Madam: Kerala School To Use Gender Neutral Greetings

Colonial greetings like the usage of sir or madam to refer to a person in authority or power is highly gendered. They often are binary in nature and exclude other genders apart from male and female. A ... read more

Gender Neutral

Bill Would Require California Retailers To Have Gender-Neutral Sections; Violators Face FinesRetail stores in California may be required to maintain gender-neutral sections for clothes ... read more

Media gender reveal: Who reports which news stories

In Kenya, they monitored 118 stories; 65 from newspapers, 25 from television, 15 from radio, and 13 stories from news websites. No news tweets were tracked. According to the Global Media Monitoring ... read more

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