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Fullfat Dairy Is Not Only Not Bad For You It May Be Good For You Study Concludes - Latest News

Dr. Zorba Paster: Dairy isn’t just not bad, it’s good for you

A recent study showed that people who had two or more servings of full-fat dairy ... between dairy products and heart disease. Short answer: Not only is dairy not bad for us, but this study shows it’s ... read more

Full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt can protect against strokes: study

Now that does not mean you should not eat any full-fat dairy, it’s all ... fat does lower your ‘good’ HDL cholesterol and increases triglycerides levels. This is just as bad for your cardiovascular he... read more

Dairy fat may prevent heart disease, stroke: study

With their findings, Dr. Mozaffarian and team challenge not only popular ... may lead to cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease. However, the new study turns the ... read more

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Why Full-Fat Dairy May Be Healthier Than Low-Fat

Holmberg, the author of the Scandinavian study, calls dairy “paradoxical,” and says it’s not possible to judge dairy’s health effects based only ... may have always been weak. At the same time, none o... read more

Full-Fat Cheese Is Actually Healthier Than Lame Low-Fat Cheese, Says Our Favorite New Study

If you've been forcing yourself to substitute your favorite rich, gooey, fatty cheeses with lame, rubbery, flavorless low-fat varieties, scientists have some excellent news for you. A new study reveal... read more

Is milk good for me, or should I ditch it?

But dairy products have recently come under fire – and not just from paleo ... avoidance is currently the only treatment. 4. Cut down on milk because it’s high in saturated fat Milk and dairy products ... read more

25 Worst Foods for Your Heart, According to Cardiologists and Dietitians

You ... not only high in fat, sugar and white flour, but they also may be transporting trans fats into your bloodstream. As a reminder, “trans fat can increase risk of developing heart disease since t... read more

Everything you need to know about the fats to eat and fats to avoid

The study was ... brain that you’re full, thereby helping you eat less. Then there’s the fact that full fat dairy doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to spike in the same way low-fat products do. Fats ar... read more

The Big Fat Lie We’ve Been Fed About Our Diet

NT: Whole milk is actually better for you than non-fat milk or skim milk, for one reason: Fat is good for you ... was primitive – we only knew about total cholesterol, not LDL and HDL. The idea that s... read more

15 Everyday Habits That Are Wrecking Your Skin

Fat-free products, which you might think may help you lose weight, can actually harm your skin. A study from Penn State found an association between consumption of fat-free milk—but not full-fat milk ... read more

The kids are alright

Even when you consider the latest ... we need to be extremely careful," he concludes. "The future has already started, though its beginnings may be modest… My central argument though is simpler: follo... read more

The Case for Eating Cheese is Stronger Than Ever

It may help your heart. One such study (funded in part by a dairy group, which is typical with cheese research) finds that not only is cheese not bad for the ... and so can you. Write to Mandy Oakland... read more

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