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Full Transcript: Professor Psychologist And Author Adam Grant On Recode Decode - Latest News

So How Does an ATHEIST Explain the Resurrection Story?

The facts: I’m taking as evidence for this claim the books of the Bible, documents from the early church ... which means that the Jesus story was filtered through Greek culture, full of their own stor... read more

Mormonism and Apostolic Succession

My Mormon friend and I have been discussing the issue of apostolic succession for the past week, which is an important bedrock for both his and my faith. He readily acknowledges that there is evidence ... read more

Why Evolution is True

As an astronomer, my familiarity with the details of biological evolution are about on par with that of an interested layman (though being trained scientifically helps with that understanding, adding ... read more

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NOVA Wonders

TALITHIA WILLIAMS: Today, scientists are starting to decode those communications ... So, if the cave we visited was like a stadium full of thousands of individuals, this is like your living room with ... read more

Will Super Smart Artificial Intelligences Keep Humans Around As Pets?

So humanity had to cull through all the books ever written to decide which were good enough ... Adams and his collaborators consulted the literature of developmental psychology and developmental neuro... read more

Is the AI apocalypse a tired Hollywood trope, or human destiny?

(Photo: Softbank) Sherry Turkle, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher, psychologist and author, agrees with Richardson’s ... Interestingly, during the same interview with Recode, Musk su... read more

What happened before the Big Bang?

Einstein himself tried, and failed. It’s possible, now, that this has changed. Martin Bojowald, an assistant professor of physics at Penn State University, may have broken through this barrier for the ... read more

How Smart Can We Get?

DAVID POGUE: I showed Joy Hirsch Anne Adam's scans to see what she had to say ... These functional brain scans are helping us decode the mystery of savants like George and may help us understand how p... read more

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