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From Form To Function Sheerfill Drives The Evolution Of Roofing Membranes - Latest News

From Form to Function, SHEERFILL Drives the Evolution of Roofing Membranes

Some of the world’s most recognizable buildings and sports stadiums have been virtually transformed, moving from traditional and nondescript roofing materials to swooping, eye-catching architectural f... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear fission using thorium is easily within our reach, and, compared with conventional nuclear energy, the risks are considerably lower. Thorium’s Story Ideas for using thorium have been around sin... read more

The energy-water nexus Part II

For one, waste heat from power plants (including nuclear) can be used as the source of energy in a form of co-generation ... San Diego could still function on a drastically reduced water budget, if ne... read more

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My Take: The five biggest misconceptions about secularism

Secularism simply means total separation of church and state: Separationism is, undeniably, a form of secularism ... an obscure state senator named Barack Obama blew the roof off the 2004 Democratic N... read more

Debut of the first practical 'artificial leaf'

Scientists today claimed one of the milestones in the drive for sustainable energy — development of the first practical artificial leaf. Speaking here at the ... be powered by photosynthesis as well i... read more

Lithium-ion battery storage may be banned inside Australian homes

It is feared that the ruling, if upheld, could cause damage to the lithium-ion storage market – expected to be worth billions of dollars and expected to play a critical role in the evolution of Austra... read more

How to Death-Proof the Cities of the Future

Once attached to the wood, the protocells would slowly undergo a chemical transformation, turning their flexible membranes into calcium shells. Over time, these shells would form the core of a new art... read more

Ultrathin high-resolution flexographic printing using nanoporous stamps

Increased contact pressure ensures conformal contact and drives the confined ink to wet the target surface more uniformly, yet excessive pressure can cause overprinting (that is, loss of fidelity) and ... read more

ILO-CIS Bulletin 2006/05

(105510) CIS 06-1011 Asbestos, all forms. ACGIH, 1330 Kemper Meadow Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240, USA, 2001. 8p. 57 ref. (In English) read more

Tortuous paths hamper ion transport

Smaller particles form a compact structure while the structure in large particles ... This highly conductive material consists of wafer-thin plates that lie on top of one another like roof tiles. Depe... read more

Vaccines: opinions are not facts

There’s an old phrase among critical thinkers: you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts *. The idea is that these are two different things: opinions are matters of taste or subject... read more

An electron transfer path connects subunits of a mycobacterial respiratory supercomplex

1 State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology and College of Life Science, Nankai University, Tianjin 300353, China. 2 Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies, ShanghaiTech Unive... read more

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