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Five Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 Is Awesome - Latest News

Five Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 is Awesome

Guild Wars 2 is a game that hardly needs an introduction. It's an MMORPG set to release this year and has been called many names: savior of the genre, WoW killer, the next big step, etc. It's hard to ... read more

The Five Reasons We Play MMO’s: On Guild Wars 2 and Project Copernicus

Then I played Guild Wars 2 ... why I feel badass is because even though Guild Wars scales my statistics to an average level 12 I still carry all my spells and that 1 level bump in the game really carr... read more

Why is Skyrim composer Jeremy Soule’s $121,227 Kickstarter symphony still not finished five years later?

Jeremy’s scoring credits include The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and Skyrim, Guild Wars, the Harry Potter games ... requested them has been “a very small amount (less than 2%)”. Out of the five super backe... read more

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Why Guild Wars 2's Legendaries Aren't Legendary

In Guild Wars 2(GW2)'s case ... The cost of these is usually about 5 times that of the precursors, but regardless, the option is still there. If you've been following along, there are actually two maj... read more

Guild Wars 2 September patch notes detailed by AreaNet

AreaNet has released a new patch for Guild Wars 2 which we have detailed for you ... The game doesn’t have as many issues as Diablo 3 did, and that’s one of the major reasons why people are so investe... read more

How to Beat a YouTube ContentID Copyright Claim What every Gamer and MCN Should Know

Below, I explain why your videos get flagged by Google’s automated copyright ... For example, AngryJoe included just a short clip from a cinematic trailer for Guild Wars 2 in a thirty minute video whe... read more

Are Sequels Poisoning Pixar? 5 Reasons Not to Worry

When Pixar ’s long-awaited Incredibles 2 hit theaters this summer, it was a smash hit, decimating box office records and earning rave reviews from critics and fans alike. As awesome and massively ... ... read more

Lance Roberts: The Case For A 50% Market Correction

That's why the market didn't even respond ... third quarter GDP last year was at 3.5%. Well, the reason that was 3.5% is that 2.5% of that were businesses running out to stock up on inventory ... read more

A Trained Monkey Could Do Better

If the Fed forecast 3.5% growth and actual growth was 3.3%, I would consider that to be awesome. But, the Fed would forecast 3.5% growth and it would come in at 2.2%. That’s not even close ... read more

The billion dollar food delivery wars part 2

Here’s 4 reasons why ... of 2 to 5 meals only each day. You will be able to choose the category and they will choose the product for you. 2 — Deliveroo is not as scalable as you think Of course, this ... read more

Jeff Strain on Why State of Decay 2 Isn’t an MMO: Gamers Tastes Change, We Have To Be Adaptive

he left to found ArenaNet where he worked as Executive Producer and Programmer on Guild Wars. In 2009, Jeff Strain left ArenaNet as well and founded Undead Labs, with the specific goal to create a zom... read more

2018 was the year of outraged fans discovering their power

These mobs are outraged first, and then, they look for reasons to justify that outrage ... In the ArenaNet case, Guild Wars 2 narrative designer Jessica Price told someone on Twitter that she knows ho... read more

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