Jim Acosta claims McConnell would abolish filibuster if circumstances were reversed: 'What would Mitch do?'

CNN host Jim Acosta on Saturday encouraged Democrats to abolish the filibuster, arguing that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would do the same if he was in the Democrats' shoes. read more

Jim Acosta Tells Democrats to Think 'What Would Mitch Do?' Over Filibuster

The CNN anchor said Democrats had been "outmaneuvered" by the Senate minority leader, as he questioned the balance of the Supreme Court. read more

Mitch McConnell would eliminate the filibuster if he was in Democrats' shoes, Jim Acosta says

"If Mitch McConnell were in their shoes, what would he do? Given what we know, would we see him letting the filibuster stand?" Acosta said on Saturday. read more

How a biased filibuster hurts Democrats more than Republicans

Democrats are divided over what to do with the filibuster. Proponents of reform emphasize that the Senate cloture rule is frustrating the party's ambitions on voting rights, climate change and more. read more

'Congress Must Act': Bernie Sanders Demands End of Filibuster to Codify Abortion Rights

"Get the government out of people’s lives." "Get the government off the backs of the American people." "End the nanny state." "Let people, not the government, decide what's good for them." But when it ... read more

Tlaib admits that no filibuster during Trump years for Democrats would have been 'unfortunate'

Michigan congresswoman trying to abolish the filibuster admits it was helpful during Donald Trump's presidency. read more

Filibuster Reform: McConnell Will Clean Sinema’s and Manchin’s Clocks

McConnell will do what Sinema and Manchin won’t do in order to placate a minority of white privilege advocates in Congress. read more

Democrats Can Save Voting by Bringing Back the Mr. Smith Filibuster

A fter the failure of three historic voting rights bills, Senate Democrats face a critical question: Will they finally do something about the filibuster? For months, much of the press has wrongly ... read more

Padilla doesn’t understand the purpose of the filibuster

Sen. Alex Padilla is probably still finding his footing as United States senator, but so far he’s unfortunately fallen into the trap of being a predictable partisan reliant on tired talking ... read more

Should the Senate dump the filibuster? What NC candidates want to do with the rule.

President Joe Biden isn’t in favor of getting rid of the filibuster. And there aren’t 50 Senate Democratic votes to do so at this point, either. But that hasn’t deterred some Democratic ... read more

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