Best Steam Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Steam might be one of the biggest PC games distributors on the market, but it is full of features even the most dedicated of users might not recognize. read more

Update your WhatsApp to use these amazing recently launched features

WhatsApp has launched some really cool features for users that add more privacy and fun to conversations. Check these 10 WhatsApp features that have been recently released for iOS, Android, and web ... read more

Hidden iPhone features to make your life a lot easier

There’s a hidden way to make solve an annoying problem most iPhone users experience – and it just takes a few seconds to set up. The iPhone has a load of hidden features that are easy to miss – unless ... read more

Car review: Entry-level Skoda Kodiaq remains practical and packed with features

But at $221,900 – no thanks to skyrocketing COE premiums – is the car still value for money? Read more at straitstimes.com. read more

Apple Announces New Security Features

Apple provides 3 new security features to safeguard high-profiles like journalists, human rights activists, diplomats, and celebrities. read more

Latest Google Camera update catches older Pixel phones up on features

Macro mode is, of course, exclusive to the Pixel 7 Pro, so unsurprisingly, you won't see that update here. But Camera 8.7 — which brings older Google phones up to date with the company's 2022 ... read more

New book features boatman's account of life with Mountbatten in Sligo - and addresses abuse allegations

Claims that Lord Mountbatten had an unhealthy interest in young boys have been addressed by a former boatman who worked for the elderly royal at his holiday home Co Sligo. read more

US military Bill features up to $13.6b to boost Taiwan

The compromise version of the annual National Defence Authorisation Act, or NDAA, does not include some controversial provisions of Taiwan legislation lawmakers proposed earlier this year, including ... read more

Kubernetes receives new cybersecurity and management features

The developers of Kubernetes have released new features for the software container management platform that will make it easier to secure and maintain. The features are available in Kubernetes 1.26, ... read more

First Impression Matters - KUPU Launches Video Features in Their Latest Update

KUPU's recent update launches video-centric features to help enhance and accelerate recruitment procedures, and skill development JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/-- Building a positive ... read more

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